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Day 13 (twice maybe?)

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Good Morning Peeps!
So I followed protocol yesterday, and I have to admit Iím pretty proud of myself for resisting the urge to eat poorly on V-Day! Go Me! I weighed in this morning @ 218....which is kind of odd since I was so good yesterday. I had previously been having a glass of wine at night, and decided not to since I was hoping to see a 2 lb drop on the scale this morning. Well that didnít happen...so anyway, maybe the wine isnít hurting as much as I thought it was? Does anyone else indulge in a glass of wine? It's kind of weird, bc I use to be able to have a few glasses of red and be fine, and now 1 is making me a little tipsy.
Does anyone have any tips for what they might have done to lose more than 1lb a day? When I first started I was losing about a 1 and 1/2 daily. Also, Iíve heard several different people say I need to take an injection break once every 6-7 day. Is this the case? I donít recall my Dr. saying that....
Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!

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  1. bellxlr8's Avatar
    *twice maybe? -- BC i thought I had posted this blog early this morning, but for some reason i saved it as a draft, and I cant figure out how to post it now....so i just copied and pasted
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    bell, very few women lose a lb a day. So much of the advertising is misleading. If a woman average .7 or .8 per day over a long cycle, she had a phenominal cycle. So don't get discouraged if u don't average as high as u'd like. Sometimes u really are losing inches instead of lbs. It's an awesome protocol, and it works, truly. Hang in there, we didn't gain our weight in a month, and it takes a little time to lose it all.
  3. Determined10's Avatar
    LOL . . I would die for a 2 lb loss! U have done an amazing job & 1.1/2 lb daily average it miraculous for us females. Please don't let anything less disappoint you! Once again, u are doing great!