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  1. Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Definitions and Acronyms related to HCG

    • ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar
    • AF - Tom's Aunt Flo
    • Apple Day – eating only apples as a way to break a stall (reduces water weight)
    • BAB – a P3/4 term for Big A** Breakfast
    • Bact water – Bacteropstatoc water – used for mixing HCG
    • BMI – a number that relates your height and weight. A Low number means you are too thin,
    a high number means you are overweight. ...
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  2. Hunger and dosing

    One thing I've learned over the last two years.. it's easier to recover quickly from too high of a dose than it is from too low of a dose. The level of hcg in your body is the average of the last 72 hours on homeopathic drops or pellets or the last 96 hours on RX injections or sublingual. If you feel a dose is too high, you can skip a few doses on hhcg or a day on rx and it comes back down. If it's too low, it's never a good idea to take a bunch more all at once. You have to do an increase ...
  3. the potassium thing

    Okay.. the potassium thing.

    Restaurant meals tend to be high in sodium. A lot of the gain (at least for me) after eating out I feel is from salt. Potassium taken in about the same level as sodium should keep some of the water retention at bay.

    "kidneys respond to excess sodium by flushing it out in the urine. Unfortunately, this also removes potassium. If potassium levels are low, the body tries to hoard it, which also means hanging onto sodium. Water follows ...
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  4. Fruit Day - Possible alternate correction day in P3 and P4

    Quote Originally Posted by Beth_M View Post
    Someone on homeo board just posted a result from a "Fruit day"

    I'm waiting to hear how much over she has been and why, but she dropped 4.2 lbs.

    "two pears, three apples, an orange, a grapefruit, and half a cantaloupe throughout the day. Actually the cantaloupe and an apple was supper, and orange and grapefruit lunch,rest snacks throughout the day. Oh, and I did have two slices of cheese and a couple bites of chicken breast. "
  5. P3 / P4 recommendations from someone

    Seems like there are lots of newbies who have just entered p3 or are going to soon. Here is a re-post of some guidelines that I found very helpful with my firstr p3:

    P3 Basics and when to add foods:

    Here's Some Basics for P3 posted a while back on the boards... I figured they might help you all as much as they're going to help me.

    First, find out your calorie limit: Women that means 11 times your current weight, Men 12 times your current weight. ...

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  6. Procedure for calculating batch-cooked protein amounts...

    Quote Originally Posted by Beth_M View Post
    LoL I need to write this out, cause I get this one alot.
    Procedure for calculating batch-cooked protein amounts...

    1. Weigh the entire protein, raw
    2. Divide by 3.5 ounces or 100g (I use grams for everything) to calculate total number of servings you have
    3. Cook in desired manner, let rest a bit
    4. Weigh the entire protein, cooked
    5. Divide the total cooked weight by the number of servings to determine how many ounces/grams cooked per portion
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  7. Last night of R2P3 and I finally made cauliflower *rice*

    It was absolutely decadent..

    Picture here but details in my daily blog at http://hcg-diet-journey.blogspot.com...p3-day-21.html
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  8. Injecting hcg described

    Quote Originally Posted by Faemystique View Post
    Subcutaneous is an injection in the fatty tissue of your abdomen, back of your arm or sides of your thighs. I recommend abdomen and staying at LEAST two inches away from your belly button as that area is very vascular. Needles are like insulin syringes, very fine high gauge with 1/2" needles. Pinch a bit of fat and go straight in. Rub a bit to distribute.

    Intramuscular are injections into the lateral portion (outer third) of thigh, deltoid muscle (three finger widths down
  9. Basic mixing instructions for injection

    2000 iu = 8 ml bac water (or TOTAL fluid volume) If you're hcg is premixed with 1 ml then use 1 ml less of bac water.
    5000 iu = 20 ml bac water (or TOTAL fluid volume)

    For EITHER vial mixed this way the dosing is:

    125 iu dose = .50 ml/cc, or 50 on an insulin needle
    150 iu dose = .60 ml/cc, or 60 on an insulin needle
    175 iu dose = .70 ml/cc, or 70 on an insulin needle
    200 iu dose = .80 ml/cc, or 80 on an insulin needle
  10. P3 breakfast muffins

    Someone mentioned the breakfast "muffins' for P3 with sausage and eggs..

    1 pound sausage, no sugar added, browned
    12 large eggs
    2 c shredded Cheddar cheese
    1/2 t salt
    1/4 t pepper

    Preheat oven to 375*F.
    Mix all ingredients together. Spray a 12 cup muffin pan and pour egg mixture into each muffin cup evenly. Bake for 30 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes and serve.
    Makes 12 servings

    I guess you can even freeze them. ...
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