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Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Definitions and Acronyms related to HCG

• ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar
• AF - Tom's Aunt Flo
• Apple Day – eating only apples as a way to break a stall (reduces water weight)
• BAB – a P3/4 term for Big A** Breakfast
• Bact water – Bacteropstatoc water – used for mixing HCG
• BMI – a number that relates your height and weight. A Low number means you are too thin,
a high number means you are overweight. It is a number that is used to judge whether a
person is at a healthy weight for his or her height. Go here for more info:
• cc – cubic centimeter – a unit of measure for liquid i.e. HCG in a syringe
• CC – Cocoa Crack – a P3 treat using Coconut Oil, cocoa and approved sweetner
• CO – Coconut Oil (see MCT oil)
• Cycling - means different things to different people but essentially it's doing shorter p3s and p4s to get back to p2 a little quicker.
Some people skip doing p4 all together and do a longer p3
• Dr. B - Dr. Belluscio. Study on hcg diet: http://hcgobesity.org/research/The_O...t_Dec_2009.pdf
• Dr. S - Dr. Simeon, the originator of the hcg diet
• FFF - Full Fat Fage; a Greek yogurt reference. (pronounced Fah-yeah)
• GF- George Forman (grill) – could refer to any brand of table top grill
• GTTS – Medical term meaning drops per minute
• hCG - Human Chorionic Gonadatropin, the hormone used as the basis of the diet
• hhCG - Homeopathic hCG
• HFCS – high fructose corn syrup – an ingredient that means sugar
• HWC - Heavy Whipping Cream (used in P3)
• IM - Intramuscular injection
• LC - Low Carb
• LDW - Last Drops Weight - refers to your weight on the morning of your last dose of hcg
• LIW - Last Injection Weight -The weight you will maintain within 2lbs in P3 and P4
• LPW – Last Pellet Weight
• Loading – The first two days you are using the HCG are loading days. You eat as much fatty, high calorie foods as you can to build up fat stores so you won’t be hungry during the first week as the HCG starts working.
• LW - Load Weight - The weight you gain during the two loading days that we then don't really want to count.
• MCT Oil – Medium-Chain-Triglycerides – Oils such as Coconut Oil or Palm Kernel Oil that are said to increase metabolism and burn fat.
• NOP – Not on Plan (Protocol)
• OP - Original Poster
• OP – On Plan (Protocol)
• P1 - Phase One - A phase coined by Kevin Trudeau; P1 is a cleanse he recommends.
• P2 - Phase Two - Begins with 2 loading days, followed by the VLCD with hcg, and the 3 days of vlcd after stopping hcg
• P3 - Phase Three - the three weeks of stabilizing while adding increased protein and calories without sugar or starch.
• P4 - Phase Four - the three weeks of stabilizing while adding sugars and starches back in the diet
• P&I - Pounds and Inches, the manuscript in which Dr. S. describes his theories, findings, and the hcg diet
• PI – Planned Interruption
• POP – Perfectly on Plan
• PP - Pooping Problems
• Rogue – Not following the protocol exactly, trying different things
• Rx hCG - Prescription hCG
• R1 - Round One, the first time someone has been on the hcg diet; subsequent rounds are identified as R2, R3 and so on
• Rogue – not following the Protocol exactly, adding your own tweaks to the plan
• SQ or Sub-Q - subcutaneous method of giving shots into body fat, often the belly
• Stall - four or more days at the same (or very similar) weight. Very common.
• The Mother - the cloud of enzyme material in raw, unfiltered ACV
• TOM - time of month
• VFT - Virgin Fat Territory. You know, the weight that you haven't been below in eons.
• VLCD – Very Low Calorie Diet
• VLCD1 - Very Low Calorie Day One - the first day of 500 calories after loading

Definitions and Acronyms NOT related to HCG but used often in the forums:

• AFM - As For Me
• Bump – used in a forum to ‘bump’ a thread to the top of the first page
• BTW – By the way
• DH - Family members are typically referred to by the initials of their kinship, often with a D in front for Dear/Dang/Damn/etc. i.e.: DH – Dear Husband,
DD – Dear Daughter, MIL – Mother-in-law, SIL – could be son-in-law or sister-in-law. BF – boyfriend, GF – girlfriend, etc.
• FWIW – For what it’s worth
• IMO – In My Opinion (also IMHO – in my humble opinion)
• J/K – Just Kidding
• OMG – Oh My G(osh)
• PCOS - Polycycsic Ovary Syndrome - a condition in which there is an imbalance of a woman's female sex hormones. This hormone imbalance may cause changes in the menstrual cycle, skin changes, small cysts in the ovaries, trouble getting pregnant, and other problems. Losing weight can help this condition.
• TMI - Too much Information, often referring to posts with digestive/stool descriptions or TOM information
• WTF – If you don’t know what this one means, step AWAY from the computer. J/K – What the F*** (whatever F word you want to insert here)
• YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary (how ‘it’ works for you may be different than how ‘it’ works for me)

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