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Injecting hcg described

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Subcutaneous is an injection in the fatty tissue of your abdomen, back of your arm or sides of your thighs. I recommend abdomen and staying at LEAST two inches away from your belly button as that area is very vascular. Needles are like insulin syringes, very fine high gauge with 1/2" needles. Pinch a bit of fat and go straight in. Rub a bit to distribute.

Intramuscular are injections into the lateral portion (outer third) of thigh, deltoid muscle (three finger widths down from the bony prominence on your shoulder) or the very difficult ventrogluteal location, outer top portion of your hip, not something to do on your self. I recommend thigh or deltoid. Deltoid cannot have more than 1mL injected but I am sure you won't need that. Somewhat higher gauge needles with 1-1/12" needles and at least 1" has to go in.

Both of these injections should go at a straight in approach. Both also you should pull back a bit of air, maybe 0.2ml and tip your syringe and tap it so the bubble goes to the plunger. This will ensure to push out all the medication and leave a bubble to stop it from leaking out of your skin as you withdraw the needle.

Dosing really depends on which avenue of those above you are choosing. IM (intramuscular) you usually have dosages from 125-175iu. On SQ (subcutaneous) you have dosages more commonly 150-200iu. Though of course there are exceptions to this rule as well.

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  1. ldygeko's Avatar
    Thanks, Beth- I'm going to be doing injections of rx next round, and this really helped take out some of the confusion!
  2. Faemystique's Avatar
    Wow, Beth I'm flattered that you reposted this! Thanks, I hope it helps people who aren't as familiar with the process.

  3. athousandlights's Avatar
    Hey beth - this is super helpful, thank you! In terms of the air - do you pull back .2 ml once you've already put the needle into the muscle? Or do you get the right dose into the syringe, pull back .2ml, and then inject it all? So, for example, if my dose is .5cc - I'd inject .7cc with .2 of them being air? I'm a little confused because I have been noticing that even though I inject the whole .5cc, there is either a little bit left in the tip of the needle (always a drop when I take it out of my leg) or a little of the liquid comes out of the injection site.