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Last night of R2P3 and I finally made cauliflower *rice*

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It was absolutely decadent..

Picture here but details in my daily blog at http://hcg-diet-journey.blogspot.com...p3-day-21.html
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  1. Faemystique's Avatar
    Cauliflower rice gets me through P2!! I love it, and its a replacement for mashed potatoes if you do it super fine and spice it up... I couldn't live without it. But oooohhhh you get cheese! my downfall...
  2. Feisty's Avatar
    Oh I'm going to have to try this absolutely! There you go with them capers again!
    Updated January 14th, 2011 at 03:23 AM by Feisty
  3. ginal5's Avatar
    Yummy Beth. I never thought of making cauliflower rice. Do you just steam it first then food process a couple of pulses or use a grater? I've tried the cauliflower mashed potatoes but didn't lull me into any false potato mood.

    I like how you always make your meals look so pretty too. Makes eating more fun. Fun plates!
  4. Beth_M's Avatar
    You cook it after breaking it up and add no water. Click on the link above the picture and it explains it in my blog. And the plates....thought they looked better than the paper plates we normally live on...
  5. ruchallenged's Avatar
    I LOVE your blog! I'm gonna post a link on FB...It is such an inspiration for me to never eat food I don't like again!
  6. Catthai's Avatar
    Cauliflower rice - sounds amazing - ok, now I'm starving!
  7. Catthai's Avatar
    And now that I'm on P3, I can check out your recipes :-D
  8. Beth_M's Avatar
    well there are P2 recipes there also
  9. mwaterfear's Avatar
    Your blog is so incredibly good it almost feels naughty! I hope you realize how helpful you are. Your words of advice, knowledge, and encouragement make a big difference. Thanks
  10. Catthai's Avatar
    Beth, for P2 I was lazy and just stuck with the bare basics (also, I was worried about making the wrong choices). I steamed everything and added mustard and apple cider vinegar to whatever sounded right.

    But after two months I'm ready to get adventurous - IF I can find the ingredients. There is so much on this diet that is not available out here.

    And after my fourth order, I'm beginning to think that I should invest in stock from iHerb.com.