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    RND1 PH2 D18

    200g ( 8oz) crept down overnight. YAY

    Has anyone else experienced "THE SMELLIES"? eewh I can't live with myself. Have to leave the room real quick to get fresh air.
  2. Bibabs

    RND1 PH2 D17
    Down 300g (12oz) today. Which is good. No bad side effects from skipping my shot yesterday a;though be it by accident.
    Must say I had more cravings last night than normal..and then I ended up watching a cokkery channel on TV!!!!

    Took willpower, but I was really good. Very proud of myself.
  3. Hmm r1p2d17

    Oops I forgot to inject this morning!!! hope it is not too much of a catastrophy.
    Weight down 200g ( half a pound?) maybe slowing down a bit.
  4. Amazing!!! R1p1d16

    I am astounded. Could not log weight on the weekend as I was at home. But I have now lost 6.2 kg ( 13.6lb)..and that is after my hiccup with low dosage and raging hunger. Thank goodness that is all in the past. I feel fine, collapse at about 9h30 at night, but that's OK 'cause at least then I get the right right amount of sleep.
    Wore a pair of pants I have not fitted into for 2 yrs. 1 size down. definitely!!
    LOL AND I found the solution to the comment ( How much do you still want ...

    Updated February 27th, 2011 at 11:24 PM by Bibabs

  5. Before pics P2VLCD1

    Had to save these for the future
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  6. P2VLCD13 Bibabs

    Ok... down 200g this morning ( that is about half pound ) but then if I look at the other posts it is NOT a stall so yay!!!
    Still not hundry or sleepy...which is goood very good. Went to sleep at 22h30 about was awake by 5 this morning. So obviously the hormone is doing waht it is supoosed to.
    I am now going to re write my food diary neatly..in my daily Journal.It will be there for posterity LOL Have an awsome slim weekend all

    Updated February 25th, 2011 at 05:08 AM by Bibabs (Incorrect day in title)

  7. ME myself and I on VLC day 12

    This is day 12 VLC Round one. I have lost 4kg (8.8lb) after a major battle. Thanks to THE FORUM ...Robbie and Beth_M I could correct the protocol.
    I was crazy hungry right from day 1, sleepy like you cannot imagine I was having 14 hrs sleep and still could not keep my eyes open.
    Since the magic solution ( injecting IM (like I should have from the beginning) instead of subc) everything has fallen into place.
    Getting my 2nd round of injections from the clininc today...still contemplating ...