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Start of HCG diet I can do this:

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Well, the 2 days of loading were fun. All my friends are laughing at me. They can't believe I am doing this. I ate everything I know was bad for me. I did cut back on empty calories but ate tons of fat. Ice cream, donuts, Saugage McMuffin, Qdoba with Gauc, Extra Cheese Pizza, Milk......

I was pretty hungry on my first VLCD yesterday but not dizzy. I think I was more excited than hungry.

I am up still up .6 from the morning of my first loading day. As I read other entries, everyone is losing. I think I did everything perfect yesterday. Maybe not.

Anyone want to take the journey with me?

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  1. happydj's Avatar
    You can totaaaaaaallly do this and appears you are on the right track, loaded beautifully!
    It IS exciting! Every morning when in P2 I am as excited as a 10 year old going to Disneyland..."what will the scale say?" It doesn't ALWAYS say what I want to, but more often than not it DOES...especially when I've been good.
    This is not an EASY journey, but stick to it like glue, and the results will likely be AWESOME! Enjoy, and welcome!
  2. biffy@wi.rr.com's Avatar
    Oh goodie, my first reply and what a possitive one. THANKS!

    They are serving CAKE in the lunchroom at here work. I think that is where my weight went down hill 10 years ago. Eating Crap, having 2 kids.....

    If I should join groups or something like that let me know. I am new at this site.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

    What is your success story. Would love to hear it.
  3. happydj's Avatar
    Office sweets are the worst. The women in my office have home cooked desserts in the kitchen daily RIGHT next to the water cooler (which I visit often). Today they asked me what kind of bagel I wanted as they went on a run to Noah's? Apparently they have not noticed the 40lbs I've lost....and it was NOT from eatting bagels. My mantra (which I picked up here on the forum) 'nothing tastes as good as thin'....somedays I have to remind myself of this more often than others.
    This is my second round (R2) very low calorie day 30 (VLCD30). Round 1 was 40 days and this round will be 47. I LOVE hcg. I am healthier than I've been in 15 years!
    This forum is fabulously supportive and can work as an appetite suppressant when you are feeling hungry, jump on, read some success stories, to take your mind off of it. Please let me know if you have any questions...because I had a thousand when I started out.
  4. biffy@wi.rr.com's Avatar
    Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.
    You've done awesome on HCG. Congrats !!
    I did eat the malba toast and a breadstick yesterday. That would have been the only "bad" thing. I heard some cut those out, but I like at least a little crunch to my meals. I guess if no loss tomorrow I will try eliminating those.

    Bad Cake, thin does taste soo much better. HA
  5. lonstons1's Avatar
    this is my 1st week as well, so this will be a struggle, but I started Monday-Tuesday, those were my loading days, so far I actually feel good, just trying to figure out what to make what right and wrong, but I guess that will come, I'm using the drops, well I guess good luck to us both and everyone else, I;m sure that these past few days I actually have shorted myself on food, what have you had for meals so far?