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Blak Porsche

Starting a Vanity Round

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Quote Originally Posted by Carry2010 View Post
Home sweet home, Kansas, Glad you made it back up the hill.

Welcome back BlakP! Is P2 underway?

Yay, Candi, on the business and meds. You are awesome.

Hi Ladies!

I'm 8 weeks post-op and starting R3 loading on Friday.
I've gained about 6 pounds since R2 (mostly during my recovery) and ready to continue my weight-loss journey.

I found a local medically supervised lclinic with great reviews that is offering 40 days of HCG/B12 injections with labs and consultation for $175. That's a steal compared to my first round I did though an local OBGYN doctor.

I've kind of fallen back to some of my old eating habits, and even though I haven't gained a lot of the weight back, I feel terrible! I'll be on this forum a lot more since you gals are motivating and hilarious! Janeen are you still out there?

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