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Blak Porsche

Where is Everyone??

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I did HCG 2yrs ago and lost about 40!bs in 2 1/2 rounds. This site was jumping and I could always log in and find new and refreshing information to encourage my success. It was at the beginning of the year as well....does anyone know why it's nit to active anymore? Just wondering!

I'm on R3 P2 VLCD 8 and I'm down 1.2 today with a total week 1 loss of 9.2!
This round has been somewhat different because I've had more mood swings than I remember lady time. Nonetheless, I gained about 20lbs back so I'm back in the saddle! I'm hoping for at 25lbs this round.

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  1. Annie226's Avatar
    I was on it at that time too. What great support!!!! I start loading tomorrow and plan on blogging daily. Let's see if we can get a good support system going again. It was so helpful"""
  2. cindycinman's Avatar
    I was on back 2 years ago too. Time to get back on the train. Gained almost 25 lbs back. Hoping to get support here again.