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VCLD #2 Results**

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Yesterday I got thrown a curve ball. I went to the doctor's because I have not stopped coughing since I caught a cold around New Year's. Apparently it has turned into a sinus infection. As the doctor typed the doxycycline script into the computer, she rattled off a list of conditions: Must eat with this medication, must take yogurt or a probiotic. All the time I'm thinking "program, program, program" like how the heck am I going to work the program?

I decided to go with two very low carb options, one crispbread, which I'd had before with no problems (I'm not eating the regular melba toast anyway) and a small glass of almond milk. Then I took my meds. No tummy upset. Hooray!

And this morning when I got on the scale, I was down another 2.5! That's a pretty good loss for the first two days. one more pound and I'll be around where I was pre-loading. This should be interesting!

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