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Vlcd #3

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And today, a loss of 1 lb. Not bad after three days. Often after the two day "big drop" when I start, I then come to a near-full stop and only lose .2 - .5 a day for a week.

Yesterday was difficult. Around 10AM my boss comes in with a pizza box. He plunks it on the shelf in front of my desk, and opens it. 1 dozen gourmet donuts. Each one massive and all kinds of special flavors, bourbon salted caramel, maple bacon, espresso, dark chocolate frosting, you name it. $40 for the dozen, that's how special they are. After listening to my co-worker tell me how doxycycline will F you up if you don't eat with it, I decided to have a bite of donut. Yum. I stopped at that bite though. However later in the day I had some other off program stuff (teeny tastes here and there). Not worth it, IMO.

Today I took the doxycycline with again, one bite of (now stale) donut. No more. I threw the rest of them away, because no one else here eats stale donuts. Personally I like them a little bit better because I like the crunchiness, but that's me.

Anyway it does not feel like the doxycycline is helping. I'm just as miserable today as I was yesterday, with one exception. I brought in my large URPower diffuser/humidifier and put it on my desk, so I have mist blowing straight in my face at my desk. That is helping to break up some mucus and so now I'm blowing my nose more. Being sick while on hCG is not for sissies!!

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