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VLCD Holy @#$&!!!

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Today started out with a 1.5 lb weight gain.. So I resolved to get back strictly OP immediately. Yesterday I was cooking steak for the week, and I couldn't stop taking bites. Then I was unable to sleep so went downstairs and had a snack which I should not have had.

I was ony way into work this morning, driving down the highway, when BANG the hood of my car flew open! So I had to peek through the teeny sliver of space at the bottom and pull over. I ended up pushing the hood closed and going ahead with the drive, but at 40 MPH with hazard lights on. I drove to a garage and that's where the car is now.

I'm still really rattled from the experience, BUT I have been amazingly completely OP all day. All the stress, I wanted mostly to just lay down and catch my breath. I'm starting to think that maybe there is something to the whole adrenal fatigue thing .

After I got to the garage, I called my husband to tell him what was happening. He started screaming at me because the children were bad this morning before school. So now I'm dealing with the trauma from nearly having an accident and my husband is venting his spleen on me. When I said something like I really can't handle this right now, he had a snit and hung up. After I dropped off a car I tried to get in touch with him to tell him what the mechanic said and he would not answer the phone. I do not understand how a man can be so incredibly callous during a time like this.

But I managed to make it through the day, and here I am, lay in bed with the lights off trying to find some peace. I sure hope someone else out there had a day that was as wonderful as mine was awful.

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  1. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    OMG!! I'm glad you're okay.