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Goodbye P2 :(

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Well, it is time for P2 and I too part ways... I originally planned to do a short round but extended it to 30 days because of advice that I would stabilize better.

I was planning to take my last shot on Thursday, and transition out after 72 hours, however, I've decided tonight that today (Tuesday) was my last shot. My hcg has lost its kick, I didn't know how to recognize its dwindling potency over the last few days, but today, there's no doubt in my mind that it's done. Today was my 26th shot and 24th day of VLCD, so, I've gone over the original plan, and I'm a few days under the revised plan, but I'll take it. I have 2000iu ampule ready to mix, but it's a waste to do it for 2 injections, and I'm not willing to start messing with the dosage and to start injecting more to compensate for loss of potency, so I'm just going to call it done.

I'm having separation issues, I'm a creature of rituals, and it's like, I didn't even get to say goodbye this morning... kind of like when I had my last cigarette and didn't know it was my last, I had the same feeling. But, unlike with ciggies, I'll be reunited with hcg for R2 in no time, after P3 and P4

I can't wait to feel that hcg bliss again - for me, when it's working, it's really working, and I feel amazing
(and when it's not working... yeah, I now know what that feels like too! Next round, I'm using 2000iu ampules, so as soon as I start loosing the blissfully good feeling, I'll be mixing a fresh one - definitely worth the few $ price difference (and it really is a few $) to have that fresh hcg in the system rather than aging one!).

And now... P3.

I'm terrified.

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Updated April 8th, 2014 at 08:32 PM by Bohogirl75