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My Rogue Ways - not to be followed! (revised 4/8)

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As I near day 21 of VLCD (which I will extend because Grammy and a few others said it might be best to do 30 days, so that I stabilize easier), I would like to make a list of all the rogueness I've done, in preparation for R2 (after proper R3 and R4).
I will update the list as I move through the next 10 days.

As a vegetarian, I couldn't follow strict protocol, so I got my protein from shakes, Jay Robb's whey (yum!) and egg (eh), eggs, Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

These are my 'no problem' things:
I continued using coconut oil on my face daily. Didn't switch my hair products (sulfate-free/organic); normal deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash; I don't wear makeup except for special occasions, but all of it is 'natural/mineral' so I don't think it would have been a problem.
I had eggs every other day (3 egg whites and 1 whole).
I had ff cottage cheese (yuck)
I had ff Greek Yogurt daily (yum)
I had whey and egg protein shakes for one of my proteins daily.
I had juice of one lemon in my water daily from day 1 and didn't count it as one fruit - didn't realize it was 'one fruit'!
I had tomatoes.
I mixed tomatoes and cucumber once or twice.
I thought kale was ok, so I had it from day one.
I added almonds in week 2, up to 1 oz per day. Also, pure almond butter (ground just from almonds at Whole Foods), up to tsp on most days.
I had blueberries daily starting in week 2 (but stopped eating apples, and over time, cut fruit down to 1/2-1 serving per day, no need for sugar)
I had Ezekiel instead of melba (1/4 slice = 1 melba)
I cut out melba and Ezekiel around day 11, just didn't crave carbs anymore. Had 1/4 slice Ezekiel once since, just for the heck of it.
I made soup with broccoli and ate a few (overcooked) pieces (but didn't actually eat much of it; that will be the next test!)
I had cauliflower once or twice, in small amount - revised, moved to possibly unsafe list - not confirmed but highly suspicious
I added coconut oil in week 3, about 1/4 tsp per day in my coffee.
I had cocoa powder in my shake once, no problem on the scale, but didn't do anything for me taste/satisfaction-wise, so didn't repeat.
I had leeks a few times.
I had zucchini a few times.
I had mushrooms once, and also put them in my soup stock.
I ate asparagus regularly (they stall some people, but I was fine).
I had one small chunk of tempeh.
I didn't realize that my organic stevia packets were a mix of stevia and dextrose, and used them until day 17.
I had 1 TB chia seeds in my shake on day 19.
I had 1 TB flax seeds in my shake on day 20.
(I had a full pound loss on the morning of day 21, which is double the average for me)
My total calories after the first week were between 530-600 per day, with one 771 (!!!) calorie day (day 20 - I had major muscle twitching due to electrolyte imbalance, and while coconut water solved it within moments, I got scared and ate more, just to make sure... all good, protocol stuff though!). I averaged 530 calories per day in week 1, 591 in week 2, and 617 in week 3. Obviously, it can be a slipper slope and those calorie totals can creep up so easily, but I don't think slightly higher calories affected my losses, at least not majorly.
My losses were consistent in all weeks, with no large daily variances, other than 'pause' and 'drop' at/after tom, and weren't faster or slower in any of the weeks.

My problem things:
Cantaloupe - not sure if it affected weight loss, but just didn't sit right.
Cauliflower - not sure, but highly suspect it in 1.5lb 'gain' over 2 days following eating it for 2 days before. Other things were going on, and hcg has been on its last legs, and definitely not working as it should have been, but I will thread lightly with cauliflower next round.

Things I did not do:
I didn't 'cheat'.
I love cheese, but other than just tasting the goat brie, I stayed away. I had a taste of goat brie, just a fingertip-size chunk; it didn't affect the scale, but it was amazingly delicious, and it was hard to just have a taste, but I decided to resist.
I didn't take bites of amazing pizzas my mom and sister were having, or even a bite of amazing bread my sister eats. I didn't put one single popcorn in my mouth, even though sister has them 2x per day (meaning the house smells like popcorn for most of the day!). Or hummus, or guacamole, or olives, everything I just love!
I had no alcohol whatsoever - I like my vodka, but more than anything, I love my red wine. I know that many have vodka/gin/wine without a problem (instead of one or both fruits), but I decided to use my hcg diet as a 'break' from booze. It just made sense to me, and it's been fine.
I had no sugars.
I had no processed foods.
I didn't have cocoa crack, even though I planned to after I got at least one week under my belt - I simply didn't need it/no chocolate cravings.
I didn't do any type of correction (apple day, fff day), didn't need them, and I didn't do anything to try and speed up my losses.

Reasons I went 'rogue':
First off, I'm a vegetarian, so it's basically semi-rogue right off the bat. Some things I just didn't realize were not on protocol or had conflicting information about, and since they didn't bother me, I kept them; other things I felt I needed for overall well-being, and when adding them didn't seem to make a difference (other than in my well-being), I kept them.
I've gradually (although quickly, 7-10 days) lost cravings (sugars, carbs - bread is my big big yum), and increased protein/decreased carbs. By day 10, I had stopped having melba/ezekiel, and cut down my fruit to 1/2-1 serving per day (strawberries and blueberries - apples felt too sweet). This was not on purpose, it just happened.
I started out very low fat (2-5g a day), but that's increased to up to 20g a day with the addition of CO and almonds. I saw no difference, other than not being worried about my gallbladder so much.

My losses have been consistent, about 0.5lbs per day (except for some stall/large loss during/after TOM); this is not counting loading gain (1.5 lbs) which went away the first day. I'm down 9.5 lbs in 19 days, which is great since I only have about 20lbs max to lose! Some might say that I might have had greater losses had I been less rogue, but to me, being able to stick it out for the duration, and feeling good and having enough energy is more important. Also, I don't have much to lose, and never expected those huge losses others experience; I will be happy with 14 lbs, but 20 would be ideal - my last pounds will be for vanity, the first 9 (at least) were for health - I've seen my first loss in inches after 9.5 pounds, which can only mean that the first 9 pounds (give or take, I figure some of it was water weight) were visceral fat. I will do a blood test at the end of R2 (or shortly after), and expect my cholesterol and triglycerides to be greatly improved (I'm what they call 'skinny fat', and was diagnosed with 'Normal Weight Obesity' after a body scan showed I had over 30% bf on a 'normal' weight and an ideal BMI for my height). Personally, I would rather go slow and steady, and repeat R2, than go for faster loss and feel like crap.
So, while my loss is about average for a vegetarian, but lower than strictly-protocol people experience, I felt great the entire time, had more energy, slept better, looked better, and overall, it has been a fabulous experience! At the start of this journey, I was wondering if I would make it 7 days, much less 21, and now I'm thinking '30 days? pfft, no problem... maybe I'll even stick it out for 40!'
I had no issues with BM, at worst, it was less frequent than when not on diet (every other day), and I didn't need to take laxatives or teas at all. As a matter of fact, it seemed softer and healthier than before hcg (lol, sorry if that's tmi, but I'm a big 'colon health' person and believe our bm and stool overall can be a great tool in assessing general health... I can talk poop for days on end
I didn't take detox baths, massages, sauna or anything else. I kept it simple and diet-only.
I listened to my body and other than some electrolyte imbalance on day 20, which 1/2 cup of coconut water solved within seconds, it's been a great journey so far!

The only question now is whether or not I stabilize, so I will be very careful in P3.

Round 2 game plan:
same as Round 1, but I hope to be able to incorporate flax and chia seeds, as well as fish oil supplement. I would also maybe like to have quinoa here and there, as I've seen some veggies have it without issues. I will test quinoa in P3.
maybe exchange almonds for cashews, as they are lower in carbs, or walnuts. I will play it by ear there

Phase 3 game plan:
Cheese, olives and flax seed oil, and using olive oil for my body again (I don't use commercial products).
Test quinoa, and tempeh, keep or stop depending on reaction.
Try to stay lower carb/higher protein, and increase fat.
Maybe dark chocolate... maybe
Yoga and resistance bands/ball exercises.
Correction day, if needed : FFF or fff+flax seed oil instead of 'steak day'.
(7oz FFF+14oz fff or 21oz fff+1.5tb flax seed oil - while I do eat cheese and butter, I've never had full fat dairy (sour cream, cream, full fat yogurt), so I will probably do fff and flax seed oil - nutrition comes out about the same

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  1. Nexuz9's Avatar
    I'm a rouger too! Looking forward to share and learn from you!
  2. Bohogirl75's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nexuz9
    I'm a rouger too! Looking forward to share and learn from you!
    Hi Nexuz9! If you want to hang out with other roguers (roguettes right now, don't think I've seen any guys on there lately), we are all over at the Rogue Saloon thread (ForumHCG>Diet Info>Groups>The Rogue HCG Saloon). We all do our own thing, what works for one might not work for another and might be a disaster for yet another, but we hold ourselves accountable for our rogue ways and even our cheats, and there is no judgment. We just share and support, bounce ideas and experiences off each other, and respect that this is a personal, individual journey and that we are all trying the best we can, even when we are far from 'good'
    So please feel free to join us!