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dont go it alone

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I decided it would have been hell to do the HCG diet without a site like this! I am devouring all the reading and insight I can find on here. I also found a great place to purchase my HCG (thanks Doyle!) I bought it and sent a money order Thursday ...I received my stuff today (Monday) WOW. and to think I found this forum the same day I was placing an order on an overseas site. I would have waited weeks, spent more, and still need supplies. I got a full kit with everything I needed

So my lesson #1 - don't try to do this diet without help from a professional or help from experienced HCGers. There is so much to learn

I have a more detailed blog at myhcgquest.tumblr.com sharing my newbie quest to hopefully help others and share my experience having colitis and doing HCG diet. I hope more folks will join me to chat there!

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  1. Grammie50's Avatar
    Good luck! I read everything I could find before I started and it really helped. And luckily I stumbled across this sight and it has been wonderful. So much education and support. I am in my last week of VLCD's. I start P3 on Saturday and I again have been reading everything I can find, I don't want to mess up all my hard work. I have lost almost 23 pounds, hoping for 25 by Friday and then the real test will be to maintain for 6 week!

    Good luck and make it a great day!