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I was contemplating today why it is that myself and others are so impatient with a diet that works so well so fast. Why is it that every day there are little numbers or little gains it is so stressing. In the big picture we still lose more weight in a week then any other way.

I realize I have never been so certain that something will get me to a weight I never thought I would see. I finally can realistically see that any goal I set is possible. My impatience is like a kid at Christmas. You know it's coming but it's so hard to wait and see what the end result will be. I can't wait to get to a version of me that I never believed was possible.

I stay stop stressing, and feeling beat down on bad days. I just feel totally excited and I can't wait for my "Christmas"!

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  1. loriegirl's Avatar
    It's funny isn't it. If we were on any other diet and lost a half pound in a WEEK we would we happy, but only lose .5 on HCG and we want to know what we did wrong. I guess it just goes to show LOL!
  2. Roxanne007's Avatar
    I really needed reading this. I have lost 12.5 in 21 days and I really thought I would lose more (as this was what I had read) but you are right, on Weight Watchers I rarely lost over 2 lbs in one week. HCG is much faster and I am not hungry most days. Thanks for helping my mind get on the right course.
    VLCD, P2, D21