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NOT LOSING DAYS?? Here's what I do...

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NOT LOSING??? Here are some ideas.. I had several days where I was up in weight. For example one morning I was up .6 I am always on protocol so of course this was upsetting. I was weighing a little early so I went back half hour later... and lost that plus LOST .2!! If I can lose that (no peeing even) by just walking around my house a bit just remember how irrelevant those tiny numbers are! I have done this several times because zero loss is better than a .2 or .4 gain... If you are weighing early walk around your house keep busy go back. I was amazed but it works and it's really just a mental game so you can feel better.

Also, I am seeing a trend of many people doing all protein or high protein and getting great results. Perhaps try using your 500 cals in meat and little veg. Try skipping fruit (and melba) for a day and eat more protein. I am trying today so I am curious myself.

Hope it helps!

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  1. freeandfun1's Avatar
    I noticed I lost more on days where I ate more protein. It seems that if I eat between 525 and 575 calories, I will lose pretty big, but if I eat between 475 and 525 I will either not lose or even gain a little. Very strange.

    Today was my last injection day... I'm a little apprehensive about going into Phase 3. Well, not going into P3 as much as what's to happen AFTER p3 since right now I just cannot do another round - yet.
  2. julief's Avatar
    Great advice Brender. I did the more protein day today. Hope to see a big loss shoot I will be happy with any loss.
  3. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    I didn't manage to do more protein, but I didn't have either of my fruits or melbas. It's getting easier to pass on food....because I'm truly not hungry, and my cravings are in check. Those two were getting crossed in the beginning! know what I mean?

    I hope that you have a loss. And I hope so for me too...if not..check out my blog and give me suggestions for extra protein....I have premeasured all my meat so I can't just add another oz....I'm not even sure how much TO add? What about adding a boiled egg for a snack instead of fruit? Any thoughts ideas would be great! Share them on my last blog!xo
  4. Carrieanne's Avatar
    Brender. I am new at this. Can you tell me please how to do an all protein day? I understand the steak days. Thanks !!