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Bridget Marie

Just some thoughts beofre I start my round

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I was thinking about some questions and soul searching answers about why I am overweight, why I have failed in the past, and what I am going to do differently this time. I wanted to take the time to do some self examination to search out some critical thoughts.

Why am I overweight? well I believe there is a few reasons mainly I am an emotional eater. I eat for comfort, when I am bored, lonely, or stressed out, also the next reason I believe is because I love carbs and sugars and although I never use to have carb problems during my teenage years it developed in my late 20's and I got hooked on that sugar rush created from indulgences.

I am at my highest weight right now and altogether would like to lose 45 pounds to reach exactly where I need to be. I am short so being over weight really shows.

I have failed at so many other diets because it is so slow, working out and cutting calories has not been working well as I am not as patient and committed falls when times get stressful. I have lost weight many a times before through low carb and exercise but since hitting my 30's and probably messing up my metabolism by also yo yoing around and then for times eating only one meal a day crash diets it is so much harder now to drop pounds like I use to. I have to say I have done hcg before but did not carry through with p3 and p4 so the weight came off temporarily and much better then traditional dieting but I did gain it all back.

What I am going to do differently? well I am tired of yo yo dieting, making excuses and plain out lying to myself that I can't do it. I am going to take this one step at time, prepare myself for all stages of the plan and do it right. This is about a lifestyle change and by skipping p3 and p4 I never learned the food triggers, never changed my addictions. I really want this and I am tired of the low self esteem and feeling tired all the time. I have not had much belief or self esteem for years and so all those issues come with me like baggage that needs to be lifted off my shoulder.

I just want to do this this time around the food addiction has to come to an end. I am sick of it controlling me and it does make me feel unworthy of happiness in a lot of ways. I either stay over weight or truly put in the work to make this happen and change my life for the better.
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