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Bridget Marie

This is the only diet that works for me.

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I am nearing the end of my round I was only going to go 30 days but now I am trying to push through to 40.

My goal this round is to lose 20 pounds I started on September 15 loading and 16 and very low calorie day 1 was on the 17th today is October 20th and I am down 17.8 pounds. I messed up one time only and never plan on doing that again as it was harsh on me with a overnight gain of 4 pounds but also T.O.M came which could have been in part the reason I caved more easily in the first place and also why I gained so much over night.

I feel this round has been so far very successful for these reasons:

Logging in daily and having a support system plus I gained a few new online friends who really have been so helpful and encouraging to me. Love these two ladies very much!

Precooking my meals helped me save time and be organized keeping the one white meat with one red meat a day goal.

Buying the sweet leaf brand and ridding myself of Stevia in The Raw plus the different flavors of the drops kept me from missing sodas, made great flavored waters, helped some of my teas and especially my coffee to be more doable.

Buying a variety of teas helped me recover well from times of temptations. I looked forward to Pumpkin flavored tea, black cherry, tension tamer, spearmint, mandarin orange green tea, chocolate mint oolong tea and much more but my most favorite tea was and will remain any of the Chai teas.

Approved treats helped me and gave me that special treat feeling like ice cream does. The orange in the freezer then placed in the blender with sweetener had the texture and feel of almost like ice cream treat.

Occasional use of Walden Farms, Roasted green chilies with garlic and salt I know not on protocol but something I was able to use and continue to lose with Not something I recommend you do expecting the same results but it has helped me.

Having my family be more so supportive then in the past. Just having the talk and explaining to them why it is so important, and how they could encourage me by not letting me cave in, by not teasing me with the foods they can eat, and by making them casserole's and food ahead of time that they could just put in the oven, frozen pizza's and other easy meals I did not have to tempt myself much with cooking.

Just wanted to keep a record of this round as it is proving to be my very best! I know this works, I couldn't have gone this long, only ate 500 calories these many days without looking sick if this wasn't real. Fat has decreased in places I have trouble losing such as shoulders and arms and pretty much over all my body which is wonderful. Looking forward to doing p3 and p4 correct this time as I always mess up there. I know I CAN DO IT this time as once you make up your mind to do something you really can do it.

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Updated October 20th, 2014 at 06:31 AM by Bridget Marie