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Bridget Marie

Glad to Be back

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So I am back and trying not to be too hard on myself. I did do a great round in October and wanted to follow through on p3. Things really became stressful in my life, family problems, work problems, financial problems, spiratual problems and then my grandmother's health going down and her passing away brought me to so much sorrow and sadness. Yes, I turned to food, yes I gave up on p3 and ate terribly I know I said I wouldn't but that was before all the hardship hit.

I am making no promises this time but I am going to work on stress management and have been doing things to prepare myself when emotional times come. I am not going to beat myself up. The fact that I am back and willing to do something to better my self and my health is teaching my family that I am not a quitter.

I have learned a valuable lesson and that is I am just a human and some storms in life would all but seek to drown a person, hurts, dissapointments, betrayals, and loss of loved ones is what I faced so while I am not yet limping from those battles I still do have some wounds but they say with time it will heal. I just keep asking my maker to take all the bagage from me.

I plan on going 40 days, I will take one day at a time, I really want this now the only one that will stand in my way is me, and my mind and heart agree that it is my time to make life long changes and take it just one day at a time.

Welcome back to me.... a toast ( all 32 ounces of water) to the hopeful future.

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  1. Nexuz9's Avatar
    I have your back
    Congrats on starting a new round!!
  2. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    Awe thanks so much it is easy to be hard on me but I appreciate it so much. Thank you also for adding me that is awesome.