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Bridget Marie

Who would have thought

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I love Stevia drops and found my favorite flavors. Seeing better losses thus far now and feeling pretty good about the future. I am going to do this!

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  1. DustinDvlog's Avatar
    What brand do you like to use? I have only tried them once, but from how much everyone likes them it may have just been a bad brand I tried.
  2. Bridget Marie's Avatar
    I love watermelon flavor for my water. I feel up a big 50 ounce water jug with crushed ice and water and just keep adding drops until I get the sweetness I want. It is my number one favorite. I also like the English toffee for my coffee ;p rhymes. Sweet Leaf Has these tiny trial packs they don't last long but I am glad I bought them. The Coffee pack had vanilla crème, English toffee and chocolate. I liked all of them but would only purchase the big bottle of English Toffee. Chocolate was good in my tea especially vanilla chia tea.

    I also bought the trial soda pack, I really didn't like any of them in carbonated water but I really liked them in plain water. The cola, grape and root beer are all good. I would never buy the lemon as you could just squeeze lemons into your water and all sweet leaf sweetener. If you add too much it becomes bitter. I love the toffee also on my apples. I use the Valencia orange on my oranges lol to make them sweeter they always seem so sour to bad there not all Florida oranges.