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Apple cobbler and melba fried honey mustard chicken

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Good morning!! I will be posting two recipes that you must try if you haven't already tried them!

After all the hysteria of last night getting home late and having dinner late this morning I did not gain I am at an 18 pound lost. 243. I am content with the scale not saying 245 anymore it was getting real old real quick lol. Anyways, while I was at work last night I was youtubing different recipes and came across a couple my favorite was the... I can't even choose between the two because after being on this diet these recipes tasted better than bread so I really enjoyed them both.

1 apple
1 serving of melba or wasa
cinnamon and stevia

So for the apple cobbler you cut the apple in somewhat thick slices but not to thick you get a skillet put like a couple table spoons of water in the skillet lay your apples all around the skillet sprinkle your cinnamon and/or sugar on top of the apples I love to add sugar some people say the apple has really good natural sweetning but, But not enough for me.. Cover the skillet. As the apples are simmering they should simmer for at least 20 to 30 minutes, but as the apples cook get your melba or wasa whatever you use I absolutely dislike everything about melba so I used wasa. I put wasa in ziplock bag leaving no room for air so the bag won't pop as I am crushing. I crush all the wasa really small leaving a few chunks because i like the crunch. Once apples are done you could either sprinkle the wasa on as the apples are in the pan or put it on your dish and sprinkle. I think the first step would be a little messy so I put the wasa on the apples after I took it out the pan. It was so good I am so glad I found that recipe. The toast that you use would either be from your lunch or dinner serving no extras the same for this fried chicken recipe.

INGRIDIENTS* there is another way to make it this is just my knock off. I will tell both ways

serving of chicken
1 table spoon mustard
1 stevia packet or to your taste

Preheat oven at 350.First you get your mustard and sugar mix it up. theres your honey mustard for you agave ppl you can use that instead of stevia. Get your melba or wasa put in ziplock bag crush the same way you did for cobbler.. Cover the chicken with the honey mustard and than cover with the melba/wasa. If you use a baking sheet I suggest using aluminum foil or use like a spritz of pam or water what ever you prefer. I didn't use anything thats why I am suggesting something to you and it burned mine a little. So I let my chicken bake for about 30 to 45 minutes maybe on 400. ake sure you watch it skinless boneless chicken cooks fast!

The youtube version instead of the mustard and stevia they used heavy whipping cream, I am not willing to try that right now. The purpose is to get the bread to stick so I figured mustard would work just the same and it did and tasted amazing. They also skillet fried it with coconut oil its totally up to you.

I am going to try to make popcorn shrimp.... MY LIFE JUST ALL OF A SUDDEN GOT EXCITING ALL OVER AGAIN LOL Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Love2Ski's Avatar
    Just had the apple cobbler minus the Wasa...yum!