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So Goodmorning To all! So on friday we celebrated my nephews birthday at red lobster and my plan was to stay in bed all day up until the event, ME TIME, Its crazy because after all that saying I needed to get me time I still have not. A friend called me friday and was like get over here and come visit me so I went over there and we ended up having lunch I had a salad but everything that came with it was more like a taco, and a margarita. At dinner that night I ate what I was not suppose to as well and woke up at my same weight in the morning by the grace of GOD and hcg lol. I immediately bounced back sat and I am only having cabbage today my fruits and the wasa toast. Surprisingly enough I did not beat myself up as bad as usual. It may sound crazy but that is actually me crossing a bridge. Food does not control me anymore. Yea I are what I was not suppose to but I did not binge.. I can live with that. But now I know that Social gatherings with friends are off my to do list when I am on hcg. I am first, so I really need to start prioritizing like so.. I am very happy that I did not give in to temptation after that I could just cry thinking about the days and night I have binged due to guilt... I got other things to say but if I dont go now I will be late to work. I LOVE YOU ALL. LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY!!!

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  1. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel what you are saying! I have tried very hard during this round to stay away from family functions & going out to eat. Glad to know you were able to bounce back the next day. It's not a set back, just a learning experience. :-)
    I run scenarios through my head of being at restaurants on the diet and imagine what I would order to stay on track. Guess it's my way of preparing in case it does happen.
  2. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    You are my hero!! I spent my first round a social misfit...self proclaimed of coarse. I know binge eating as well, and it takes baby steps to learn, the beauty of it is you didn't beat yourself up, and that my friend is truly a major milestone!! I love hearing these real life obstacles and stories, they keep me going and keep me sane, just knowing that we are all human with our own issues but strangely not alone!! Thanks!!!
  3. Brila24's Avatar
    Yea @ ladybugdrives.. and sometimes you just got to tell people flat out nooooo! STAY AWAY FROM FUNCTIONS LOL..
    Rearviewmirrior, I realized that staying away is my best bet on a 40 day round. I am glad I could encourage you keep going and stay strong!!