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a little upset-edited

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"so I did not pack dinner today because I thought I would be home before 7 p.m. but I was seriously mistaken I am still at work very frustrated because my weight loss has been very slow this round. I am afraid if I eat this late I will gain and stall and I am really feeling like just going on to Phase 3 and going in for another round I need encouragement right now I have no support in my personal life so please any advice encouragement will help.."

As soon as I got home I thought about and realized how foolish I sounded... I dug deep inside myself and seen that this was a way for me to give up and go back to loading days................. I am not giving up and I am not giving in and if the damn scale says I gained in the morning OH WELL...... at least I lost over these past few weeks its life.. It did not come on over night and it won't ALWAYS burn over night. At least I can pat myself on the back and say congrats, you are finally on your journey... and this time its for real. This is my year, and I can not fail or give up everytime something doesn't go my way. No I don't have a good support system in my home. But some people have no home to go to at night or no food to feed themselves. I can't continue on with making excuses I am fed up with being fed up with myself. I also realized that I have great joy when I experience my challenge and overcome it.... I actually take a moment and bask in the feeling like right now. Its amazing how much positivity can come from something so harsh.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of the feeling in my heart that came about when I first recommited myself to hcg. when I think about losing weight, the seriousness, the fire, and passion of wanting to be at a comfortable healthy weight.. I know I am not the only one. If I end 40 days with only a 20 pound loss, its ok, at least it was a loss. Then I will know to dedicate myself to a 20 day next time lol!

I am learning how to accept such a good thing in a rough way... its rough, but oh well at least I am accepting it right.

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Updated January 21st, 2013 at 10:07 PM by Brila24 (Realized how foolish I am beig)



  1. Creed's Avatar
    You can do this!!! I say plan for the worst and you will be prepared regardless of how late you work. Prepping meals on my days off and putting them in the fridge/ freezer has been a the best thing that I have done I pack my lunch with dinner included just in case...
  2. Brila24's Avatar
    You are so right I only work doubles sunday and monday and did not once think this monday would be like this.... I decided I can do this, I had to re edit my post. Because I did some thinking, honest thinking.
  3. sonderah's Avatar
    Way to get back to positive!!! It's hard to not give up in a struggle! I am always here if u wanna vent! I understand no support. My family is trying I guess, but when I'm struggling instead of hearing u can do it, I hear you and ur stupid diet! Lol They won't be thinking that when this is over! 20lbs in 40 days may not sound like a lot on HCG, but it took 5 months of busting my butt exercising and counting and being miserable to lose that in my last diet, so its an AWESOME loss!! Hang in there sweety. You've got this!!!!!
  4. Love2Ski's Avatar
    I'm here for you!! Honey, I would be THRILLED with 20 lb. You can SO do this. I completely relate to your frustration--it's a lot of WORK to stick to this, and there have been a few days I've awoken in realized there was nothing "legal" in the house but lettuce. It seems so unfair that my husband can grab anything "easy" to eat and run. We don't have that luxury. Always remember your sistas are here to support you on the rough days! you help ME so much!
  5. Brila24's Avatar
    Thank you ladies so much... I needed to hear all of that. Sonderah 20 pounds is an awesome lost. When people ask me how did I do it I say diet and excercise because I don't have time for the negativity, it is a stupid diet until they see you stupid sexy!!! lol! Love2ski It does seem unfair my boyfriend can eat donuts all week and then drink beer over the weekend to lose the extra pounds. Even if I was skinny I don't think I would do that. Thanks for all the support ladies I desperately need it!