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P2/VLCD Day 10

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Rolling right along, although the past couple of days Ive been struggling with the urge to snack at night. I eat emotionally, and thats what it is, because Ive been fortunate enough to have no hunger. It doesnt help that the entire family plops in front of the tv and eats the whole time. Its amazing that IM the one with the weight issues! If things keep progressing at this pace, I will be done well before the time is over, and this will be my final round. Starting next week, Im going to be going back and doing cardio/weight training since I was consistant with it in between rounds. I always skip working out the first week back on p2, just to be sure that I have the energy and am losing at a good pace. Once I start working out again, I pay more attention to my measurements as opposed to lbs lost. I have sooooo many beautiful summer clothes that I am determined will actually come out of the closet and fit this year!

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    It sounds like you have the opportunity to be a great role model to your family at TV time. A friend just told me she walks with her family after dinner and can see more than 50% of the houses in her neighborhood have the TV on. I should walk with my husband at least.