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Lost again!!!!!

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It's happened again! The scale went down!! I got up this morning nearly running to the scale.. I was rewarded for my good behavior (NO B.L.T.'s at work!) I am down another pound!! That brings my loss up to almost 18 lbs!! I am sooo thrilled about this! I think back on how much money I wasted on Weight Watchers meetings only to lose a max of 10lbs. ever... 48$ a month!! UGH! I never thought I would have the courage to stick to such a strict diet. Doing this has given me so much joy and confidence!

This past year, my Type I diabetic husband, recognized certain symptoms I was having as hypoglycemia-low blood sugar- (which he will get, if he injects too much insulin..) So he tested me with his glucose monitor, I had a glucose level of 40(normal being between 80-120). After a lot of fussing, the Dr. finally listened to me and ordered a glucose tolerance test, he thought it was improbable that I had Hypoglycemia without being a type 1 diabetic... When I was tested at the lab, I went from normal fasting blood sugar of 90 up to 225 after they gave me the sugar syrup. Within an hour and a half, my blood sugar had plummeted down to 23!! I thought I was going to die! I was finally diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia. Apparently, it's genetic, and I have had it all my life, but didn't know it. It explains a lot about why I am overweight. For years I have struggled with really bad cravings and an inexplicable hunger and need for food at all odd hours.. I was plagued by constant periods of vertigo, shakiness, cold sweats, headaches, depression and exhaustion.

My point in telling you all this is, my blood sugars have been within normal range for the last three weeks!! That is HUGE!! The lowest I recorded was 72, which is not technically bad, but low enough to make me feel it.. My weekly average has been around 95. And I have to tell you guys, I would have low episodes daily!! It was debilitating and scary. I never knew when I would go low. It would happen whether I ate a healthy breakfast or not. And on this diet, I can eat an orange , or an apple without a sugar high. I haven't felt this energized and happy in like, FOREVER!! My hubby, who is not really terribly overweight - 6'2" and 227, has noticed my drastic change in attitude energy and physique. He is thinking he'd like to try the next round with me!!

I think I will finish out my daughter's cycle with her. I do have an ulterior motive..... I have this gorgeous dress I bought back when I was a size 10 at Banana Republic.. I HAVE to get into it for Thanksgiving Day, so I will muscle through a few extra days..

Thanks for checking in! Have a Great day you beautiful losers!!!!


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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    HCG is great, isn't it! Glad u're feeling so well! I agree with u, WW is way too slow, I feel bad that more people aren't aware of how much better it can go--we've all been sold a bill of goods that aren't exactly true, U can lose weight faster and easier, with hcg!I'm just starting 2nd round, let's see how I do now. Keep us posted.
  2. Brookelynde's Avatar
    Thanks Dubbles!! I do wish I had known about this years ago... It's sad really, I had such a defeatist attitude about my weight/body I thought I would always be "chunky". Now I can say with great confidence I will NOT be!!! WW was sooo slow.. I wish I could show everyone what a success they can be through Hcg... Good luck on your second journey!
  3. happy's Avatar
    That's AWESOME!! love it. Reading all of these stories gives me much inspiration. Good luck with the dress I know what you mean, working toward a goal seems to make things easier. I am just afraid of what I am going to do on Thanksgiving...ugh...
  4. Kati's Avatar
    *fingers crossed for you BR dress*!!! I love love love Banana Republic and fully intend on incorporating loads of it in when I reach my goal weight and go on a shopping spree!

    What a great example of the wonderful things that can happen when we find something that allows us to take control of our weight and health! hurrah for hcg!! Congrats and keep up the great work!!!