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P3 Finally....

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Hi everyone,
It's been a few days... I was going to go a few more days on P2... but mentally with all that is going on in my life right now, I just couldn't do it.. We are trying to refinance for a considerably lower interest rate, and had a home inspector come this last weekend. I thought I would faint from all the stress of getting everything done!! And my DH was in SUCH a bad mood through it all... I don't care what you say, men have periods too!!! Periods of what I don't know, but it's awful to live with!!!

So I am holding strong to 178-179 for the last 3 days on p3. I am still constipated... I have had smooth move tea etc... I think my water intake needs to pick up.
I am LOVING almond butter... (I did sneak a spoon of peanut butter! ) Mostly just eating sensibly, no sugar, starch, refined foods... I am eating a lot of protein and veggies.. I had a half a banana too!! And HOLY COW !!!! FAGE!!!!!! Never had it before!!! It is AWESOME!! Definitely a new favorite for dessert... YUM!
I made a pumpkin mug muffin with cream cheese frosting (sugar free..) and that was super yummy!! I think I will enjoy p3!!!!
Take care!

PS!!!! I lost over 18.5 inches!!! THAT is amazing to me.... Love this diet..

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Updated November 16th, 2010 at 07:40 AM by Brookelynde



  1. Kati's Avatar
    oh goodness gracious do I ever agree about man periods! I really think they get pms worse than we do!!
  2. Brookelynde's Avatar
    Don't they [email protected]##?????!!!!
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Heh Brooke, have u tried the magnesium tablets from a health food store, or your grocery, even. They should help with your constipation issues. Try them if u haven't already. Hope it all goes well with refinancing issues. Stress isn't good for u, but who gets by in life without stress? Everyone loves the FAGE, don't understand how to make it taste good to me. I tried and it seems bitter. What am i doing wrong? But the pumpkin mug muffin sounds delish. Recipe on line here? Will look it up for when I go to p3 or p4. I luved p3, could live there, I think, with occasional visits to p4.