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YAY!!!!! I'm a LOSER!!!!!

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Phew!!! I overcame the pound I gained from that evil Chocolate Chip Cookie!!!! I was SO good yesterday.. And honestly, I prayed to God all day for the strength to continue on and overcome the mental cravings. I got on the scale this morning and..... drum roll....... I LOST!!! 1.8 lbs!! I was so excited... I even lost more than the 1.0lb. gain I had yesterday! How wonderful!! I don't feel like I lost time screwing up now!!

But today, I have to go into work, and make glorious food for other people, and NOT eat it... It' funny though, the pain of watching the scale go up yesterday is ALL the deterrent I need to steer clear of any B.L.T's (Bites, Licks & Tastes..) I even made lunches for everyone this morning and didn't think once about putting any of it in my mouth!

So! Onward and upward I hope you all have an AMAZING day!!


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  1. nsbrown76's Avatar
    I love that BLT acronym. I have to use it.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Onward and downward my lady.
  2. Brookelynde's Avatar
    Glad you like it! I have called it that for years... Not really sure where I picked it up.. probably from weight watchers years ago.. LOL!

    I thought about writing that... onward and downward.. but I figured the negative connotation (spiraling downward) would offset the good I have done by losing!! (probably only in my mind...) So I figured I would say upward... as in the number of pounds I've lost keep going up!!!
  3. Kati's Avatar
    I also love the BLT's! I've never heard that!! Congrats on losing that cheat weight - now don't do it again!! lol
  4. Brookelynde's Avatar
    YES MA'AM!!!! Thanks for the encouragement!! You guys Rock!!!
  5. Dubbles's Avatar
    The BLT reference definitely sounds like something n. or kati would say! You're projecting great energy today, so I project it will be great for you! That energy is good for all of us. Keep it up!
  6. mamabear72's Avatar
    CONGRATS to you! You can do it! You are doing it, every day is a new day and we are all doing great! hanging in there and that's what counts!
  7. Brookelynde's Avatar
    Thanks for your encouragement! It means a great deal to me! I love this site!!