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MSM powder & Vitamin C powder on P2?


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I am on day 12 of P3 and I was wondering if anyone has used a little
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter , I really dont want to keep using real butter with my egg whites in the morning, it just to much fat for me in one day. My weight has stabilized great in P3.

Thank you

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  1. itsybitsy's Avatar
    I wouldn't use it. It is not real food. You did so much detox in P2 that your body will appreciate real food instead of chemicals.

    If the butter is too much for you, maybe a little olive oil or bacon fat would work. Are you having digestive troubles with fat? My body loves fats.
  2. Browneyedgirl007's Avatar

    Thanks for the reply i just did not want to use so much fat, i will just use a little real butter and maybe cut back on oil or mayo.

    Thanks again.