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I decided to keep a log in case one day I want to come back and see where I was. Perhaps this will help me stay on track.

I have tried this diet many many times and ultimately find myself eating after 1 -1.5 weeks. I find the mental obsession with food is what gets me. I mean how many of us out there eat only because we are hungry? I find temporary confort in food. It fires off those same endorphins that addicts get. Much like the alcoholic, I will bargain with myself and tell myself it will be different this time. This time I can eat healthier and work out. If I just watch my calories then I will be fine. I believe the lie every time.

Anyways, I am going to give it another go. I hope with support and constant contact via this board I can stay on track and take it as it comes. Hour by Hour or minute by minute if needed.

No load days for me this time.

Heaviest of my life.
1/2/12 299.8 Starting weight
1/3/12 296.8
1/4/12 293.2
1/5/12 292.2

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