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This is my Story

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I am a 28 year old single mom of three. The last year has been really tough. I woke up to back pain back in May and found out I had a herniated disc and required two emergency surgeries. One in May and one in June. I was down for two months and returned to work in July. I started having problems again in September and started doing Epidural Injections which help for a few months. The doctors cant seem to find out why the pain wont go away.

I have been around 215-230 since my last baby and have struggled to loose. I was doing really good at loosing till my back problems started..I have always loved my body and felt that I just wanted to loose, I am newly single and going to be back in the dating world. I have decided for myself and for my back that I want to be down to about 165. I ran into a gentleman a few months ago that lost 65 pounds on HCG in 3 months. I started reading and talking to my doctor about it...I have to say, I am doing really well.

After my 2 load days, I weighed 236.4, I am now at 223.6 and I am on R1P2D11. I feel amazing and I am starting to physically see the changes in my body!

I have learned so much from a few online forums.

I am currently doing 43 days with homepathic drops and will complete RR1P2 by Jan 22!

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  1. nshuman's Avatar
    Your doin awesome burbmama, keep up the good work I have too said all of a sudden I feel amazing its only been a few days but I just feel better
    good luck to you in your journey wishing you great succes!!!!!!
  2. Beth_M's Avatar
    Doing great! I did 43 days my first round and lost 30 lbs.

    My son is dealing with major back issues also. Has done the epidural injections, has done TPI injections. Just went to a new clinic today and will have some info tomorrow at a followup appt. They did tell him that he's very very swollen on the left side.
  3. sunny123's Avatar
    Awesome Burbmama!

    I feel ya with the back issues. Today is a day that every time that I get up, or sneeze or God forbid bend down to pick something up I think my back is going to break in two. I'm optimistic that losing the excess weight will help.

    It's nice to see that you are doing something for YOU. It's tough raising three kids on your own (been there, done that) but you can do it. Focus on your weight loss and health and you'll see how the rest just falls into place.