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hungry on hcg

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I am on round two of hcg and i'm not sure my hcg is potent enough. I am constantly hungry as I was on the first round. I think this time is worse. My doctor told me to take a pregnancy test to see if it came out positive. Well, after three tests, they were all negative. Then I got online and everyone said you would never get a false pregnancy test with hcg. My doctor gave me a new batch today, which I tested and it did come out positive. My question is, if I have been on this for 16 days already and I haven't really had enough (if any) hcg in my body, then how do you recover from that? My doctor told me to eat a little more protein today so I wouldn't be starving and pick up again tomorrow. I ended up eating a piece of cheese and some cashews today because I was feeling so weak. I have been eating 500 calories for over two weeks now without the help of hcg. Now I just want to quit. Does anyone know what the protocol should be at this stage? Should I quit and start at another time or just keep going and see what happens, even tho I cheated on the actual food today.

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  1. Annie226's Avatar
    Have you had losses? Are you going to do a 40 day round?