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Vlcd 12 7/19/14 159.6 again

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Could this be the beginning of a stall? I sure hope not. After being excited yesterday for finally reaching the 150's, the scale said the exact same thing this morning. I even tried weighing at different times.. lol No budge.
If this is the beginning of the stall, this really sucks because I only have 18 more days to loses at least 16 pounds. I was really going for 19 but I'll take what I can get. Hubby says to be patient, stay positive and trust the process. Men have it so easy, they gain weight in their bellies and that's it. lol Women gain everywhere and it seems to be so much more difficult for us to lose it and then keep it off.

I had some errands to run today with hubby and the baby, so I had lunch a little late than usual. I was okay because I had my snack at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, by the time I had lunch (somewhere around 3), I had only had 1 bottle of water. This means as soon as I walked in the door I had to chug!!! I also realized the other day that adding cayenne pepper to my meats helps me drink more water during my meals. Instead of drinking one bottle, I've been able to drink 2 or more. Regardless, I didn't finish my last bottle of water until almost 9pm, even though I finished eating before 8pm.

One more thing, I didn't get my walk in today, BUT I did walk around the mall in heels for at least an hour, so I'd like to think that I burned some calories. lol I just hope this scale moves tomorrow.....

Snacks - 2 apples
Lunch - grilled shrimp with broccoli
Dinner - baked tilapia with broccoli
Water - 7 16.9 oz bottles

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  1. la aura's Avatar
    You need to 'hang in there' because you've been brave enough and have had the incredible will power to start this diet! I would suggest however that you review the "allowed" foods, as broccoli is not one of the veggies allowed on the vlcd...maybe that is why you've stalled? I'd give it a try if I were you and remember to hang in there girl! You are doing great so far and you are and I are almost at the same remaining days left!
    This is my second round of the hcg diet and I noticed that I continued to lose weight way after I was done with the 3 week vlcd and the 3 week maintenance part. But I was thinking I was all on top of it and let myself slide back into eating more fatty foods than I should. I lost 30lbs the first time and hope to lose 20 this time.
    Good luck Butterfly 1012 and I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog...sincerely, la aura.
  2. la aura's Avatar
    Hello again Butterfly, I've been doing some research about trying different foods during p2 and it's just all over the place! Some folks say yes to broccoli and some say to stick with Dr. Simeon's protocol...so I'm sure it's up to you to do what works for you. Again I wish you luck and hang in there. This diet really works! I've lost 10lbs since starting on the 21st of July! bye for now!
  3. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    According to my dr, broccoli is one of the allowed foods. As for the weight loss, my husband is now in P4 and he lost 7 pounds in P3...don't know how. Plus, he's Type 1 diabetic, so throughout P2 and P3, he would often have to have sugar so he would eat raisins, fruit snacks or drink soda/juice. Having said all of that, he STILL lost the weight and never stalled... That irks my nerves because the mos I've "cheated" was a cheese puff here or piece of my son's graham cracker....

    Looking at the scale everyday is driving me crazy, so I'm done until my pills run out. Hopefully in 11 days the scale will say 150. If not, then I'll just have to work out to lose the remaining pounds, or at least tone up.