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VLCD 13 159.6 7/20/14 I think it's a stall

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So...the scale and/or body let me down again. 159.6!!!! ugghhh... I'm starting to really hate the scale and I dislike the fact that I have to weigh myself everyday. I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't weigh myself as much. It's starting to get depressing. 17 days left and I have 19 pounds to get rid of. Trying to stay positive but it's so difficult when I know that I'm doing everything the right way.... Maybe I'll luck up and have more inches lost when I go to the dr again this Friday. Having lost only 1/2 an inch was kind of disappointing.

Nevertheless, I have too much to do today to sit around being sad. My husband had an interesting take on all of this. He said "Technically, you're cheating because if you would've spent 13 days at the gym and running around the neighborhood, you wou;dn't have lost this much weight. So be grateful for whatever you have accomplished and will accomplish".. lol I think he has a point.

I haven't decided if I'm going to do an apple day yet. If not, this will be my menu
Snack - 1/2 grapefruit, apple
Lunch - leftover steak and apple
Dinner - tilapia and kale

I'll update the post later....

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  1. jannabme's Avatar
    Hey! I hope your stall finally ended! Just wanted to chime in that I had the same number for four days in a row!! I know it's depressing, but you just have to stick with it. I opted for an apple day and lost 2.5 pounds the next day. Today is the day after, and the number is the same as yesterday. However, today is also measurement day. Even though I stalled most of the week and only lost 4 pounds, I lost 9 inches! Just stick with protocol and trust that the fat is being burned. Your body is likely retaining water in those empty fat cells, but it will go away sooner or later.
  2. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    Hello. Yes the stall ended, sort of. I did an apple day and it brought me down 1.2 pounds. I only did the apple day because I was tired of "boring" food. But at the end of the apple day, I was tired of apples. lol However, since then. I've stalled again. I went to the dr and I lost 4 inches, so that's something. It's just really frustrating because I did things the right way. I think I'm just gonna ignore the scale until the last day and then lose the rest of the weight through exercise. My problem is that I love to eat...and my body loves to weigh between 160-170. Hopefully, I'' be surprised at the end. If I can just make it to 150, I'll be happy.