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Vlcd 8 7/15/14 162.4

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SOothis morning there was a .6 loss. I was hoping for more being that I've been sticking to the diet without cheating (boy have I been tempted), I've added the exercise and drank the ACV. Instead of chugging the ACV, I mixed it with 8 oz of water and one packet of Stevia. To my surprise, it was pretty good. I'm thinking that Imight make it as a warm drink this evening, or may be mix it with my tea. A fellow hcger suggested that I use it as a marinade or dressing.

Today, I felt pretty good despite not being able to sleep lat night. I think I woke up 4-5 times in the middle of the night, and not for bathroom breaks. Maybe the lack of sleep had something to do with the scale. Truth be told, I usually don't sleep well when the hubby is at work (he's a firefighter who works 48 hr shifts). Anyway, I was able to get 45 minutes of walking before the rain began. I burned 180 calories!! Yeah me!!! I've been taking the pellets for 10 days now, which means I only have 20 left. Unfortunately, I wanted to lose another 22 pounds putting me at a very cute and comfortable 140. At the very minimum, I need to lose 17 which will leave me at (still cute but not as comfortable) 145.

So far I've had 5 of my required 7 bottles of water and being that it's not even 6pm, that's pretty good for me. However, I did notice that between 3:30 and 5pm, I became really drowsy. I don't know if that's because I had just finished lunch or if it was because of the excessive rain and thunder (which normally makes me really sleepy). However, my 2 year old saw to it that the nap wouldn't take place. lol Speaking of lunch, I noticed that I had difficulty finishing it. Last night I experienced the same issue with dinner, but today it was different. I'm totally over P2 food. I'm sick of meat and veggies. I wouldn't turn down a snickers or some ice cream though..... Must be strong!!!!

Lunch - grilled shrimp (leftovers from last night) and 6 asparagus stalks
Dinner - ???? I think I'm going to have tilapia and marinate it in the ACV that I'vve heard about
Snacks - apple and 1/2 grapefruit I'm so hurt that I can't eat the whole grapefruit.

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  1. GirlGetFit27's Avatar
    Ok please feel me in what is ACV?
  2. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    Apple cider vinegar. I don't really think that it's helping at all, but I guess I'll keep trying.