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Has anyone worked out hard on hcg? I am doing a boot camp type of thing called refine www.refinemethod.com and want to know if exercise really does mess this up. I always work out- spin and pilates are my go to but I want a change and want to see my muscles more..any thoughts?

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  1. kristin2675's Avatar
    I would definitely not go that hard when you're in P2. I do kickboxing, but pretty intensely at a Tae Kwon Do level, and I tried two weeks ago during P2 and, literally, passed out. It was so embarrassing, I thought they were calling an ambulance for me. I was suddenly 13 pounds lighter so I felt good enough to go really hard and I paid for it, believe me. Now in P3, eating more protein and fats, I can REALLY work hard. I think in P2 your body is releasing just enough calories for you to burn doing your usual activities and boot camp might be too much. I would save that ambition for P3 when you need it. Good luck!!!
  2. scalephobia's Avatar
    In P2 HCG is making your body burn fat for energy.

    It takes more time to burn fat than muscle. Your body works harder and slower.

    When you do major exercise, your body automatically transfers water and any fat to support and protect your muscles.

    Your body will go looking for the fat to burn for energy, but that fat will already be in use. This will start a reaction where you go into starvation mode (you gain while your body hoards fat) - or you'll end up burning muscle to compensate (extreme weakness).

    So yes - working out can really mess things up with HCG.

    Do keep in mind that HCG causes fat to burn instead of muscle - so you will be more defined at the end anyhow - even without the work outs in P2.
  3. MsMinnesota2012's Avatar
    i heard not its good for the short run but its good for the long run
  4. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    I heard that you shouldn't exercise in P2... only walking, yoga, pilates, that kinds of stuff... no cardio