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  1. Empowered

    Does HCG dieting make anyone else feel empowered?

    Its amazing what a huge jump I've made already to the third day. Although the portions LOOK small - they are actually quite satisfying. Day 1, i didn't feel that way, but now I have the ability to wait longer to eat and food isn't ruling my thoughts.

    The fact that food isn't ruling my thoughts is a huge accomplishment - my mind has been so food centric I can hardly remember a time in my life when I didn't think about ...
  2. VLCD Day 2

    Oh boy - the first day of VLCD was ROUGH - I know that most of it was mental, knowing that I was restricting food meant that I wanted to 'cheat' 'eat' and 'sneak' BUT I didn't, and I'm really glad! Yesterday looked like this:

    Weight In, Inject, Drink 16oz of Water
    Coffee with stevia
    Lunch at 12:00 - P2 Chili (was SO good and satisfying) with a grissani bread stick
    Snack at 3:30: Apple cubed tossed in cinnamon and stevia with a squeeze of lemon
    Dinner at ...
  3. First day on VLCD

    Good morning!

    Today is my first day on the VLCD - I have to admit I have some anxiety over the foods that I am allowed to eat and their quantities - even though in all reality the foods themselves are no different then what I stock my fridge with every week - just a little more limited in variety. I of course weighed in this morning (yesterday was a loading day!) and somehow I lost AGAIN - not complaining, but slightly worried that I didn't gain on either day...

  4. Loading Day 2 - already losing!

    So yesterday was not fun - I hate eating fat fat and more fat! I couldn't make it to the supposedly recommended 250 grams of fat for a loading day - I don't want to make myself sick!!!

    Today's weight: 231.5

    LOSS: 2.2lbs

    ^What?! That is crazy! I lost weight after eating garbage... I just can't believe that at all but I'll take it!

    It was injection #2 today at 9:00am (I'm shooting for regular injection times if possible). So far I've only ...
  5. The start...Loading Day 1

    My blog is going to be used a way for me to track my experience on this diet and also to track my progress. I started doctor supervised injections on April 2. Here is my official weigh in and first days measurements.

    Start weight: 233.6lbs
    What I ate: Burger King Breakfast sandwich w/cheese sausage and egg. 2 medium orders of Hashbrowns. 16oz coffee with sugar

    Starting measurements:

    Neck: 18"
    Bust: 48"
    Left Arm: 15" ...