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old dry fry

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I would like to know if someone knows of a lotion or creme that does not contain oils,that is okay to use with the diet, I am from a very dry climate and my skin is extremely dry and irritable at times, thanks, Denise

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  1. Paendora's Avatar
    I've read that Corn Huskers is a safe topical for dry skin.
  2. kbj's Avatar
    Baby oil/mineral oil is allowed by Dr. Simeon. If you use it while you are wet out of the shower, it seems to really help hold in the moisture!
  3. SHERYLSLC's Avatar
    I bought the corn huskers it helps. Smells like my grandma though....=)
  4. hcg61's Avatar
    I use Alba Botanica Aloe & Green Tea oil-free moisturizer. I have 2 jars: one for home & one for work. I use all day long & have been quite happy w/it.
  5. mcsold's Avatar
    None of you feel like it's stalling your weight loss? My face is flaky with Aloe, but I'm scared to use anything