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Here comes Week 3!

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Good morning!!! Soo.. here we are in week 3!!! Yesterday was my two week weigh-in and I had gained .4 pounds I think that some of the problem is that I ate lunch at 4.. prob didn't drink enough water and didn't get enough sleep... but you know what.. It's really ok. I would have been as bummed about a +.4 as I was for the -.4 but I gotta keep my eyes on the prize.. Another "issue" that I'm having is that I have had a BM in two days. I bought some smooth move tea and will drink some tonight if I still need it. I haven't had any issues up until this point with that.. so I'm thinking it's a sure-fire sign that I'm not drinking enough. *pauses to drink*

I lowered my dose yesterday from 150iu to 135iu and I'm feeling a lot better. I was not starving but I found myself thinking about food a lot and hungry-ish.. but that small adjustment and now I just seem to get hungry when it's time to eat. I actually ate my lunch at 11:30 (but didn't have the morning fruit).. I'll eat the fruit in a few hours and that will def last me through til dinner time.

wow.. just measured.. I lost 2.5 inches in my waist this week, 4.5" since I started!!! Sweeeet. I have to say.. I am LOVING this diet!!! When I ordered my HCG, I ordered enough for DH and I to each do two rounds.. but I think next round I'll order my next batch.. wondering if I should order it now since some people are having issues with customs.. hmmmmmm.. ponder.. think.... *smoke fills the room*

I know that there were a bunch of things I wanted to talk about that I'm forgetting Have a fabulous day!!! Let's annihilate some fat today!!!

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  1. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    What made you determine you needed to decrease your dose, instead of increasing?

    I'm still a bit hung-up on the veggie thing... I asked a friend of mine (who is currently doing the protocol too, and has done it before in the past) about how they do their veggies... this was the reply:

    "I don't measure it with every vegetable. Tomatoes - only 1 large one per meal. The rest you can eat all you want (from the allowed list). I do make a chili and pour it over a big bed of lettuce for one meal. Another, I cook chicken with garlic season and cut it up in to soup. But you can season and cook any of the listed vegetables, and eat as much as you want at each meal. Main thing is not to mix the vegetables" (which I haven't been doing)

    This is what we were doing the first week and a half (eating as much veg as we wanted - even the tomatoes)... we either weren't losing or were gaining... so I started counting the calories in the vegetables, then I went to measuring out 1 cup worth of vegetables... we're having VERY slow loss, to no loss, to gains, so I'm not sure what's going on or what to do about it.

    Haven't been cheating so I'm not sure what to do differently. Today I'm going to try the same thing as yesterday but add in the second fruit to see if that makes a different (was up 0.8 ) I have this feeling though, that the tape measure will read differently, good differently)

    Every evening and next morning I anticipate a gain (don't ask me why, I just feel like I should gain)... then when it turns out to be a loss, I'm pleasantly surprised.

    **uh oh, not 20 minutes ago I had a strong coffee... so full it's yucky and starting to feel the affects of the caffeine! better munch my breadstick**

    OK, breadstick gone.
  2. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    Oh, and are you only weighing once every 2 weeks?

    What's the latest at night you will eat?

    I get down about 1 gallon a day (though based on my water-weight calculations I only need 103.7oz daily (about 3 cups shy of a gal)
  3. Calythia's Avatar
    I felt better after my scheduled skip day (skipping every 7th shot) and figured my dose must have been high. I track my hunger on my log sheet and I was toggling between 2 and 5 and knew my dose had to be off.
  4. Calythia's Avatar
    No no no.. I weight every morning I have eaten dinner as late as 8 and my fruit as late as 8:30.
  5. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    ok, that's what I have done too (eating late) but only when i have to.

    About the dosing... sorry, but I don't understand the 2 and 5 thing... I increased my dose from 150 to 175 and felt better... but after coming off TOM and skipping my 7th shot (which made 3 days in a row off ) I felt like I did the first week on 150. It has slowly subsided, but the hungry-ish bit is still there. I hate to experiment all the time with dosing... not sure if that is a good thing or not... but maybe as my body adjusts, the dose needs to adjust.. just don't know which way to go.

    i'm not keeping as good a notes as you (logging all that) but I don't know when it's supposed to be increased vs. decreased, etc

    Maybe, my expectations are too high...