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Last Day of Week 3.. suddenly starving.. sigh

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Hello!!! Well.. after yesterday's gain of .6, today I was down 1.4!!! YAY!!! That brings me to 24.2 pounds of fat that I'm never welcoming back again.. kicked it to the curb!!! I am now at 7.88% - my first mini-goal is to drop 10% of my body weight.. I still have 6.3 left to go.. I can't wait!!!!

Yesterday was my planned skip day for my shot (40 day round - skipping the shot every seventh day) and I was hungry. My skip days in the past did not leave me feeling that way... but on 1/17 I lowered my dose to 125iu from 150iu and I've been doing great... but now I'm hungry.. not sure if I should just be patient or if I should do a day or two at 150 and then bring it back down.. shrug... I already ate both of my grissini and both apples for the day and it's 5:03pm. I just hope that my dinner really fills me up! LOL. For lunch I made chicken breast - I cooked it in a little FF broth and added a few squirts of ACV (I keep mine in a spray bottle) and some fresh cilantro. I then took some "living lettuce" leaves and made little wraps with the chicken. Was sooo good. I prob didn't eat enough lettuce.. maybe that's why I'm hungry.. shrug.

So anyway.. I am chewing some xylitol gum.. sigh.. I'm just afraid I'm going to do something bad otherwise.. I can only drink soooo much water

Hope you are all having a FABULOUS day!!!!

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  1. kelico's Avatar
    Hi there, glad there was a minus on the scale for you today.
  2. Calythia's Avatar
    Thank You!!! I ate some extra swiss chard with my dinner (steak) and I'm feeling pretty good hunger wise right now.. but I think I may up my dose to somewhere between 125 & 150 iu for tomorrow.. hopefully that will help
  3. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    Hey lady! 1.4, I would love to see that loss on my scale!! Yippee for you!... I had a 0.4 loss this morning. I'm wondering if it would have been more if I hadn't had to weigh so early (had to get up at 5am. normally weigh around 7)

    anyway, I had a 0.8 loss yesterday and the day before so I'll take whatever I can get! I'm 14.8 lbs less than when I started now. The neat thing is I can fit in to some clothes that I was not able to before... so that was a pick-me-up!

    I've been doing just one apple a day... I seem to have better loss. I also noticed that if I can get 1 and 1/2 gallons of liquid in, then I do better. I'm still doing good on the 140IU, even with the skip day.

    I've been being more careful with my veggie portions... eating just a large handful (unless it's lettuce, then I will eat 2 handfuls with a tiny bit of tomato), or I will have 1 large tomato. Staying off the breadstick (sigh, it's for my own good LOL)

    Had a lot of strong coffee yesterday and actually had 5 tablespoons of SKIM milk; was experimenting. (I use skim since there is no fat in it) Usually keep it to 1 tbsp/day, sometimes 2 max. Ah, it was lovely.

    Have beef and radish today for lunch.. not sure what supper will bring... we'll see.

    Hope you have a great day!!!