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Back in the saddle again.. Round 4, VLCD3..

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The first week of each round is so exciting! Today I am down 3.6 pounds! Wow! And now officially under my LIW from my last round. So far so good. I need to concentrate on my water intake for sure, but otherwise am doing well. I was a little concerned about last night because my daughter was invited to a NYE party and I had to stay awake to pick her up. But I didn't get hungry and actually didn't fall asleep waiting.. which is amazing because I'm usually in bed by 10. I did, however, toast in the new year with a mini-diet-mountain-dew.. It's a vice. It's funny because I usually put it down completely for P2 because I'm a stickler for the rules and follow protocol pretty closely (except I take some vitamins and chew gum).. but as soon as P2 ends, I'm at the store buying my next six pack. I will try to adopt the analogy of putting the soda in a category with alcohol and cigarettes.. and quit completely. I really "feel" better when I don't drink pop and it's expensive.. so why do I keep going back to it??? I have to re-fall-in-love with water each P2.. and I do. I don't like the taste of water by itself.. so I add some flavored liquid stevia to it.. usually some drops of chocolate and a few vanilla.. so it satisfies the sweet tooth at the same time.. sigh..

I am finally getting hungry so I think I'm going to head upstairs for lunch.. when I first started the HCG diet almost a year ago I blogged and really enjoyed it.. but it takes time and I stopped doing it.. I'm going to give it another go.. I think for lunch I'll make some organic chicken breast and wrap it up in some butter lettuce. I love "living" lettuce.. when you buy it, it actually still has the roots on it and it continues to live, essentially, in the fridge, until it's eaten. It's got a really soft leaf and doesn't have the bitter bite that a lot of varieties do. Maybe I'll prep the chicken with a little liquid aminos and cook it in some FF chicken broth to keep it moist... Hmm.. that sounds good. I really struggle to keep variety into my meals on HCG.. I quickly find my favorites and then eat the same things over and over again.. one of my latest faves is Fennel. LOVE it. I chop it up and cook it in broth and then put my meat (usually beef tenderloin) over it at the last minute until it's cooked and eat it all together. I cook most of my meals the same.. with FF broth in a small saute pan and then add my veggie until cooked (unless of course I'm eating lettuce or cucumbers) and then add my meat until cooked. Sometimes I eat the broth, sometimes I don't.. sometimes I add liquid aminos or garlic.. sometimes I don't.. but clean eating makes me happy.. I just wish I could keep to it on P4.. I think this round I may transition into a paleo diet.. I'll do some research between now and then and decide.. this past round I did Atkins and did a great job maintaining/losing before I started up again.

I am glad that this is a process.. I'm glad that it's ok when I make mistakes and that I can slowly adapt my habits.. otherwise I would have failed so long ago. This last P4 I actually lost weight. I "used" it up in the last week before this round and started pretty much at LIW. That felt good. Last round I moved during P4 and I gained a lot. The stress was unbearable and I threw in the towel and tossed all caution to the wind.. I'm growing.. I'm learning.. I'm progressing. It's a good thing. The thing I love about these boards is that I can learn and grow through your mistakes too.. and through your successes. So thank you for allowing me to share in them.

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  1. Brila24's Avatar
    Today is my first day on phase 2! I wish you luck! you can do it!
  2. Brila24's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing
  3. Calythia's Avatar
    Thank you!!! I love the first few weeks of phase 2.. ha ha ha.. by week 5 I'm ready to move on to phase 3!
  4. marvless's Avatar
    I'm also blogging this time around. I've done it in the past and it was helpful to get my thoughts "out there" without hogging threads. LOL! I can't wait for us to start seeing the lbs come off! I also tend to eat the same meals - I just add different spices. Now that it's colder I'll do more soups. I will have to try fennel. You make it sound good. If you did well on Atkins I think you'll like Paleo. Like anything, it becomes habit once you've been at it awhile.
  5. aanda's Avatar
    My first day on phase 2, 3rd round. I loved this diet the first and second time I followed it, however gained a good portion back this fall. Hoping to be more successfull this time, after having learned some tips from this website. Looking to lose 15 pounds after the loading weight gain. Any tips to increase the weight loss welcome!!
  6. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    Your story was so nice and inspiring! I'm really happy for you!

    Part of me never wants to do another round because it seems that each P2 is harder and harder to complete.. I adopted a Low Carb High Fat, and I love eating fat so much that I almost don't want to give it up.. Don't mess with a woman and her fat HAHAHAH LOL !!!
  7. Calythia's Avatar
    Ha ha ha. I'm nearing the end of P2 now and will transition in the next few days to P3. I also enjoy eating fat and limiting carbs. I'm getting exciting about trying paleo, mostly because the entire family will go on it. I'll limit my carbs while feeding the family healthy ones. Glad you are doing well