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VLCD 13 - Hit the big 2-0 and I'm thrilled!!!

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My routine is the same each morning.. alarm goes off.. drag myself out of bed.. pee.. weigh in. So today when I stepped off my scale and it said 259 (I was 288 yesterday) I was perplexed. I moved the scale and weighed myself again... 263. huh??? So I picked up the scale and set it in the center of the room (to make sure it wasn't hitting anything) and weighed again. This time the scale gave me my consistent reading. It was really strange.. Was kind of nice to see the 250's pop up.. but at the rate I'm going, that will be soon! Today I weighed in at 287.2 for a release of 20 pounds of fat in 13 days. I'm thrilled to say the very least!!!

Yesterday I ate an apple for breakfast, a grissini breadstick for snack and for lunch I had sirloin steak (wow was it good.. got grass-fed beef from WholeFoods.. really expensive but YUM) and Swiss Chard. For preparation, I put some water in the pan and lightly salted the beef. I put it in the pan and added some Bragg's Liquid Aminos. I cooked it to a medium rare and removed the steak from the pan. Into the same pan (water was gone, but there was a nice brown in the pan from the steak and LA) I added the swiss chard (I left it big this time, just snapped them between the stalks and the leaves instead of chopping it all up) and added 3/4 cup of ff free range chicken broth (totally worth the 20 calories!!). Because the last time I had chard I didn't prepare it right, I decided to let the chard cook for about 15 minutes. So I ate my steak while my chard cooked.. and then hung out in the kitchen turning it until it looked done. Oh my goodness.. SO glad I have the chard a second chance. It was AMAZING!!!! For afternoon snack I ate a grissini. Around 5:30 I ate an orange because I had a Girl Scout meeting at 6 and knew I'd be eating dinner late. For dinner, I made veal (in pretty much the same fashion as I cooked the steak except that I cut it into strips) and served it in a bowl of romaine lettuce that was sprayed with apple cider vinegar. So all in all, a good food day. I did end up over my daily allowance of points, but by less than 40 calories. It's funny.. feels like I eat about the same every day but some days I'm at like 430 calories and some days I'm upwards of 535 calories.

I feel like my jeans are roomier.. when I sit down my phone in my pocket doesn't jab me to death.. and my face seems thinner.. I don't feel like I'm being strangled by my extra chins anymore.. but other than that I don't see much change in my body. I *know* though, that the reshaping is going to happen and I *believe* that one day I'll wake up and something HUGE will have happened literally overnight. But until then.. until the waist itself shrinks, I'm stick in a size 24/26. bleah.. can't wait to say 14/16.. and then 10/12!!!! Ok ok ok .. getting ahead of myself! LOL.

Have a fabulous day!!!! I'm sneaking up on my first mini-goal - to lose 10% of my body weight.. 10.5 pounds to go!!!!

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  1. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    That's so super!! I'm so happy for you!!! You're doing so great!!!

    I'm having a bit of trouble with the meat... I mean, I weigh it raw, then cook it... but I'm trying to count the calories of cooked meat, and fruit... this will tell me how many calories i have left over to divide up for my veggie portion.

    Do you have a calorie counter you like to use?

    Do you know how many calories are in 80grams of cooked, boneless-skinless chicken breast, and/or 80grams cooked 95% lean ground beef?

    Somewhere (don't remember) I got the calorie counts (but for 70grams cooked), so I did the math and ended up with 441 calories (between 2 portions of meat and 2 apples), which supposedly left me with 58.8 calories for veggies (divide that by 2 = 29.4 cal each meal)

    But since it seems to be that meat loses 20 - 25% of it's weight after it's cooked, I really need to recalculate the calories based on 80grams (instead of 70)

    I'm doing OK at losing (was down 1.2 lbs this morning), but I want to make sure I'm not going over what I'm supposed to be eating.

    I tell ya, this is great mental exercise... and if I could lose a lb for every time I calculate my calories for each meal, I wouldn't ever need to do another HCG protocol (LOL)

    Hope you can help me on this one... it's driving me a little batty and I'm 'bout ready to forget it all and just eat!
  2. Calythia's Avatar
    I count the calories raw for the purpose of tracking calories. My understanding is that when using really lean meats (which I do) the majority of the weight change is water.

    Here is what I use (from my spreadsheet - it is awesome, the link is on my signature if you want to check it out):
    chicken breast 110 cal/3.5 oz
    fish (sole) 87.5 cal/3.5 oz
    ground beef (97%) 122.5 cal/3.5 oz
    ground chicken (96%) 131.25 cal/3.5 oz
    steak 142 cal/3.5 oz
    veal 112 cal/3.5 oz

    My veggies are all about 20 cal / serving except asparagus which is 30. I use 100 cal for apple and 86 for orange. (I don't weigh my fruit or veggies - I do one handful of veggie = a cup)

    It certainly isn't an exact science.. but it gives me an idea of where I stand for the day. I focus more on following protocol on what to eat and how much (although I do eat larger protein for one of my two meals..I usually do 3.25-3.5 for one and 3.75-4 for the other) - mostly because I wasn't able to get 3.5 portions when packaging the meats.. so I got close and wrote the exact weight on the freezer bag.

    1.2 down - that is AWESOME.. Ok my butt. ha ha ha.
    Updated January 17th, 2012 at 11:38 AM by Calythia (typo)
  3. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    Thanks... I think maybe I'm a bit too obsessive compulsive on the calorie thing.... I'll try just measuring out 1 cup of veggies and see where that gets me. Been a bit hungrier the last 2 days, not sure why.

    "1.2 down - that is AWESOME.. Ok my butt. ha ha ha."

    Speaking of butts... this past weekend, someone said to me that my butt is looking more normal now... (I didn't know it wasn't normal-looking... maybe they meant that my "wide-load" wasn't as wide)

  4. Calythia's Avatar
    bahahahahahaha. Nobody has mentioned any change in my toooshie but my jeans are baggy-ish in the butt and pocket area.. seems my waist hasn't changed as much as some other parts.. We'll see tomorrow.. Tomorrow is day 14 I'll measure. My dh was going to start the diet with me and is now waiting to get ok from doc but I asked him tonight how much weight he thinks I lost in the last 13 days.. he said 15!!! Muahhh.. I was happy to correct him.. no dear.. make that 20!
  5. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    Haha !! well, being 5 lbs off in guessing isn't too bad!

    Many years ago I tried the diet of 'eating 1 meal a day'... I was so excited that I had lost some weight and eagerly asked an older friend of mine to guess how much I'd lost.... she said '25' lbs ... I was heart broken... for I had lost 64 lbs (lol) some people don't have a good eye for guessing weights

    Anyway, on to the food portions....

    I decided to just portion out 1 cup of vegetable with my fish last night (went with cucumber, but since it was my last one and I didn't have quite enough for a cup, I added a bit of onion).

    anyway, I was down 1 lb!!

    Starting weight: 220
    Weight as of today (vlcd# 17) 207.4 SAWEEET!

    It's 9:21, I already ate one grissini stick and that was before 8am. I've been a bit hungrier since getting back on the shots (I was off 3 days due to TOM, so started again on the 4th day)... I'm having similar symptoms of my first week.... slight pain in the stomach and being more hungry... I know it will pass so I'm not worried about it. I have 18 injections left to go until I start P3.... then I'll be counting down the days til 6 weeks is up and I can start another protocol!!

    I certainly don't want to go back to eating junk food... I'll munch an occasional dark chocolate but will stick mostly to mixing my own... I'll save the junk food for loading days! ;-) That road is so far behind me, there's no turning back, nor do I want to.
  6. Calythia's Avatar
    Yeah.. I told the kids that about 6 days a year we'll be able to eat dim sum and all that stuff.. ha ha ha... but honestly, I still miss a lot of my favorites but I just can't eat them anymore. I have issues with moderation. If I could just eat ONE I'd be ok.. although, I haven't eated a box of grissini in one sitting, so maybe I'm fixing something that was broken in my brain.

    A wise man once said.. don't ask the question if you don't want to know the answer. LOL.. She was way off and I would have been sad too.. husband had an idea because I told him it was day 13, so he estimated instead of going by what I look like.. I don't think it will become obvious until I get to that 10% mark.. I'm at 6.38% today. I actually gained.. sniff.. my first time.. sigh. I'll blog my thoughts on that a bit later
  7. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    I was up 0.8 this morning.... I think it's because I didn't have my 2nd fruit of the day. Last night was grocery day (we were soooo out of vegetables!), we got home late and I wanted to experiment to see what would happen if I didn't have my last fruit...

    I always anticipate and feel like I'm going to gain the next morning and this time I was right!

    Today I'm going to make sure and get my 2 fruits in and see what happens tomorrow.

    How you doing?