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VLCD 18 - Gaining Momentum

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Hello!!! Well.. after a gain of .4 on day 14, a loss of .8 and .4 on days 15 & 16.. and THEN... *it* happened.. two nice losses, two days in a row!!! 1.2 on 1/21 and 1.4 on 1/22!!! So let me catch you up on what you've missed.

On Friday I had a Grissini breadstick in the morning.. was hungry and they are SO good! Lunch was an orange, steak and cabbage (prepped how I always do.. some water, some ACV, some LA on the steak). Dinner was Sole, Asparagus and I had an apple in the evening. Because I wasn't losing well, I knew that the fish would help.. I prob should be eating it daily, but honestly, even though I like it when I prepare it.. I never go.. I'm really in the mood for fish. Just never happens. I almost have to force myself to make it. Maybe I should do a week of fish for one meal and that would get me to think about it more.. shrug... really I'm a beef girl. And pork.. but that will have to wait until P3.

On Saturday morning I was SO excited to see that I was down 1.2. It had been 5 days since I released a pound in one day. I ate a grissini and an apple. For lunch I ate steak and cabbage (yeah.. can't mess with a good thing there.. ha ha ha) and for dinner I had chicken and cabbage (was out of everything else). I had an apple in the evening. And in the morning, I had a 1.4 pound drop. I almost danced. Honestly.

Soooo.. today I went to the grocery store and restocked my veggies... I ate an apple in the a.m. and steak and asparagus for lunch.. and then for dinner I deviated... not from plan.. but from my process of how I've been cooking EVERYTHING. I made soup! I put about 1 1/2 c ff chicken stock in the sauce pan. I added about 1 c of chopped green swiss chard and 3.5 oz of ground chicken (I didn't roll it into balls, I just broke it apart as I threw it in). I let it simmer for about 15 mins and ate. It was SO good. I only added a little bit of black pepper to it. Nothing else. YUM.

So we'll see how we do tomorrow!! I'm a little concerned because I didn't have a BM today and that can certainly cause trouble on the scale. I don't feel like I was drinking a lot of water today but I did have some and I also had 2 cups of tea today and the broth. We'll see!!

So tomorrow is my planned skip day for my shot. I'm a little worried because I was a tad hungry today. A bit of tummy growlin'. I'll take notice if it gets better/worse tomorrow and possibly adjust my dose again. I started out at 150iu and now I take 125iu. I lessened the dose on 1/17 and I've been feeling great..

I have a question.. I'm wanting to be a little more adventurous with my veggies.. have any of you tried cooked radish? I hate hate hate radishes but I have a feeling that they wouldn't be bad cooked.. no reason for it really.. LOL.. just that I'm "open" to trying it and wanted to know if you have. I found this recipe online and it looks good:

Radish Rice:
Peel and quarter 2 C of radishes.
Place in a pot of boiling water with with 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic.
Cook for 8-10 minutes.
When soft, drain and transfer to blender or Ninja. Pulse a few times. You can also just mash with fork)

Thoughts?? Sounds like it would be good with steak.

Oh.. one last thought. About a week ago I was getting horrendous leg pain at night. It felt like my hamstrings were on fire and it caused me to have terrible sleep for a few days. I added in my multi-vitamin (gluten free), calcium, and potassium. The next day it was mild and I haven't felt the pain since. Just wanted to put that out there in case anyone else is having that problem.

Have a great night.. not looking forward to Monday but such is life

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  1. iHCG's Avatar
    im gonna need to steal some of your recipes !!! lol im using corion and maybe its not good im not sure im almost done with my 40days and still only down 11.6 lbs i had tom for 3 straight weeks, and now loss is 0.2 or a no loss i follow protocol to a T not sure whats wrong i started out at 150iu then upped it to 175 then 200 was perfect didnt ever feel hungry at all if i drank any more water id be a fish my toilets my best friend lol !! i eat at noon i have 3.5-4 oz chicken breast and either spinach or cucumbers dinner is 3.5-4oz tilapia and spinach water all day long pretty close to 100 oz i usually eat my 2 fruits at night when i have the munchies but if not 1 before lunch and the other after dinner.

    im so mad that tom sabatoged me so bad im on bc im taking seasonique i only get it once every 3 months he came 1 month early stayed 3 weeks blah ill start next round and he will not get me again !!!
  2. Calythia's Avatar
    @iHCG: Steal away. LOL. I know I've blogged my process of making my meals. I try to keep it simple.. easy prep, easy cleanup. TOM arrived for me when I first started my hcg, which was 2 weeks early. It was heavier than I was used to but it finally left and hasn't returned yet. I gained today .6 pounds. But I'll concentrate on water today.. not sure if the soup did it or not.. I'll try it again.. but not for another week or so. Do you track your calories? Do you eat your fruit and grissini? You may not be eating enough... just a thought. How close to your goal weight are you? 11.6 pounds just doesn't seem right... not for a 40 day round. Could it be another product? something for hair or skin that is throwing you off?
  3. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    Sounds good.... this morning I had a .8 loss and yesterday morning had a .4 loss.... other than that I either gain or stay the same... really not sure what's up with that.

    Yesterday, I had only 1 apple. I didn't use any lemon (and it was also a non-shot day). I had chicken and celery for supper, and beef and lettuce (w/ tiny bit of tomato) at lunch. Drank more than 1 gallon. Stayed away from the grissini. Had 1 bite of chocolate delight.

    Today I have beef and celery (been craving that celery) for lunch and not sure if I will have chicken or fish for supper.

    Oh, on the radishes, I like mine raw (but not plain)... I like to put ACV and sea salt on my radishes (or mustard... or both! Lol) Never tried them cooked.

    I'm baffled as to why I have so little loss, to no loss though (haven't cheated yet)... oh well, it's more important to be healthy I guess.

    Oh, I did drop my dose to 140 and have been doing good ever since... I can usually make it til lunch w/o being hungry (haha, now that I said something I'll prob get hungry LOL)

  4. Calythia's Avatar
    Glad that your hunger is at bay!! I think that week 3 is notorious for smaller losses.. just hang in there.. you don't have to give up your grissini! Those .4's add up.. I remember doing WW and having a .5 loss for a week.. it's frustrating when you are sticking to plan and the scale messes with you. I am not thrilled I was up today.. but you know what.. I'm training myself on how my body reacts to what I eat.. I'll make adjustments and the loss will come. You been cooking the celery or eating it raw? Have to admit that I'm loving the foods.. I do plan to eat a huge ribeye when I get to P3 but otherwise I want to try to stay similar to what I'm eating now.. as far as non-processed, organic.. etc. I just hope I don't get lazy with my food again.. :/
  5. New Me Soon's Avatar
    I make the chicken soup all the time...I use 2 cups of organic broth (10 calories), add 2 cups of water to it and then add garlic, sage and dill and let it simmer...throw in cubed chicken and chopped cabbage...a little salt and pepper and even hubby ate it last night!

    For fish I make sure to use Old Bay and lemon and I put Old Bay on my cauliflower.

    Beef...I cube, and sautee in a pan with garlic, tomatoes and braggs amino, pepper and oniion powder.

    Today I'm making stuffed cabbage (a little Polish dish)...steam some large cabbage leaves, take lean ground chuck and add crushed melba, braggs, pepper, oragano and garlic powder...place mixture in the steamed cabbage leaves and then into a baking pan with organic (Sugar free) tomoto sauce saurkraut...spoon over stuffed cabbage, cover in tin foil and bake until insides are cooked.
  6. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    I have been cooking the celery... not til soft, as I like mine still a bit crunchy, but I throw in some cumin and salt... went REALLY well with the Curry Chicken patty I made last night.

    Hey, I'll take the 0.8 loss, it certainly is better than nothing!! No complaints... just didn't quite understand why things were so slow (I'm thinking my expectations were too high). lost an inch on these ol hips though... so I'm ecstatic about that.

    Had lemon in my first half gallon this morning.... been more thirsty too... I'm noticing that pattern. I think I'll do everything else the same today as yesterday (only added in lemon as the difference) and see what the scale says tomorrow. Oh yeah, today I'll be getting in a bit of exercise... maybe a 15-20 minute walk... it's time.

    I actually don't want the grissini as I find my will power may not be so great to just stop at one... so far it's been OK and I've made myself not eat more than I can have... but they taste so good (onion flavor) that I'm concerned I will get back in to my old habits and I don't want that.

    I too, will be content to eat the same in P3 as in P2 (only, bigger portions)... though I am looking forward to adding in avocado, nuts, cheese, etc

    I'm also looking forward to Load in for Round 2 (hehe).. that's the only time that I want to eat bad (I decided on this just this last couple weeks).
  7. Calythia's Avatar
    @New Me Soon - yum!! I will have to try that stuffed cabbage out in P3, sounds great! I didn't even think to cut my broth with water.. I should have.. my soup was SO good but there was only one bowl and I was still hungry after I ate it.. which is funny because it's the same amount I usually eat. Mentally I've never felt full on soup.. no matter the kind.. always had to have something with it. I'll continue to work on that

    @LilyFatNoMore - I was hoping for the same losses all the way through that I had in week 1 too.. I even thought that I would hit 40 pounds lost before I hit 40 days .. still could, but I'm thinking it's unlikely. I'd like to be as close to that 40 as possible. Right now I'm at 22.8 (thanks to today's gain *sniff*). Grats on the hips! Love measuring day! Talk about a boost!!! I am a girl scout leader and we're selling cookies right now.. I am going to buy a few boxes for loading.. Muahhhhhhh
  8. iHCG's Avatar
    nope same things ive used as i started maybe the hcg is bad but people said that the weight loss i have is ok but to me it isnt tom made me gain stall loss 0.2-0.6 then gain and so on im going to start round to 1st or 2nd week of march
  9. New Me Soon's Avatar
    I'm finding the lemon is important. I too have not been doing the grissini...not missing carbs at all...amazing. I a m down 7 pounds in 7 days...I am amazed. Nothing ever works for me.