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Nervous about my new batch of HCG.

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Okay, I mixed a new batch because I was only going to go for a short round but I think I might go for at least 30 days mininum and I need more. So I ordered but from a different supplier.

My old HCG that I was using was freezed dried now the new stuff isn't like that becuse it came with the HCG mixed with one CC of Bac Water. (I hope this makes Sense) Anyways, I have done the mixing and everything but my biggest worry is that my body will not take athis new stuff as good as the last batch I have mix. I am very comfortable with my dose level of 150 and I don't want to have to play with it anymore.

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  1. kbj's Avatar
    There is always a chance that a new batch won't be the exact strength of the old batch, or that on a subsequent round you will need a different dose for whatever reason. Don't worry about it being pre-mixed to start, that is common now. You also have done this before, so you are familiar with how your body feels when things are going ok, and when there is a dosing issue so even if you hit a dosing issue, feel confident that you WILL work it out.

    Good luck!
  2. Kim N's Avatar
    I am new to this and only on R1VLCD1 BUT I ordered the freeze dried, was supposed to be powder and when it came it was mixed with the 1cc water with a note saying it was newer more potent and longer lasting. Hmmmm, so far so good though, we'll see. I hope it works as well for you! :O)
  3. dexter's Avatar
    who do you trust to send you the injections succesfully to canada