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Seriously having the munchies cravings!

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I am not going to cheat but I seriously am fighting with myself not to snack. I am not due for my next snack until 3:00PM... That is in about 1 1/2 hours.

This is the only time when the diet feels long.

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  1. Kati's Avatar
    You can do it!! Just drink some water!!

    I'm having the very same problem yesterday and today. I'm due for my TOM and my body is all confused why we're not having our normal pre-period binge fest.

    Before you know it, it'll be 3 and you'll be so happy to have made it!
  2. Kati's Avatar
    okay, now I'm thinking it might already be past three! lol

    the time stamps on everything when I'm @ work are all goofy, so I never know when things are actually posted!
  3. Canadiangirl's Avatar
    Well, it's 3:16 now and I haven't had my snack I am no longer craving the munching. I think I will wait at least another 1/2 hour.

    Thanks so much for the support!!!
  4. Paul Pierantozzi's Avatar
    Thats awesome that you did that congrats keep up the great work
  5. Dubbles's Avatar
    It's crazy the way that goes, isn't it. Happened to me, woke up a little hungry, had my 1/2 grapefruit, coffee with stevia--was afraid I'd be hungry, but then almost forgot about lunch. It was 1:15 and I said Wow, I haven't eaten yet! That NEVER happened to me BEFORE hcg!