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HCG old timer, but first time with injections

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Today I am starting P2, and for the first time im using injections instead of the homeopathic drops. The drops have always worked for me in the past, as long I actually put in the work, but I decided to cough up the dough and give the prescription a chance for a couple of reasons. To a lesser extent, homeopathic drops are harder to get online now and I didn't feel like taking a gamble on someplace new. Also, my schedule has become so hectic now compared to when I first started HCG that I just can't keep up with taking drops three times per day. I haven't been able to fully re-commit because I've been too busy to keep up.

Anyways, I did really well earlier this year, lost over 10 lbs in a short round, was maintaining easily, and then life decided to throw me some curve balls. So I'm back 8 months later, at square one, but this time I'm on the injections.

I'm going to do a 21 day round, ending before Thanksgiving. This blog is mainly to help me stay accountable to myself, because that always helps.

I'll post how much I loose after my weekly weigh in!

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  1. DrJenn's Avatar
    I'm so excited for you! I look forward to hearing about your experience and how you compare the two.

  2. himeluna's Avatar
    Hi, I'm new to this HCG injection stuff. Was able to encounter it while browsing for ways to lose weight. This type of losing weight seems interesting. However, I can't seem to make up my mind between drops and injectables. I've read one article that says that HCG injections are more effective than those taken orally because drops, pills, and sprays are most likely dissolved before ever reaching the bloodstream. So I'm leaning towards injections for a faster effect. But well, injections still scares me a bit. I've got low pain tolerance unfortunately. haha.
    How was your experience captncrunch?

    Looking forward to hear from you =)