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Light at the end of the tunnel?

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LDW: 118.8
P3D1: 117.8
D3: 125.? (fff day)
D4: 121.? (tuna salad, pork chops, sunflower seeds, oysters, lettuce, blue cheese dressing/crumbles~1800 cals)
D5: 121.4 (fff day)
D6: 120.4 (Whole rotisserie chicken, mayo, bacon, sunflower seeds, lettuce, ~1500 cals)
D7: 121 (FFF)
D8: 118.4

Today is P3D, and it's the first time that after a week in I've ever gotten below ldw. Only a handful of times have I ever gained less than a lb, especially on a day that I wasn't correcting. I think a big thing has to do with my calories, and giving myself at least 4 hours between my last meal and bedtime. A lot of that has sort of fallen by the waist side over the past year, and because I've tried to convince myself that I don't need to count calories i've found it really easy to end up eating 2500 cals without meaning to in p3 since all we can eat are foods with a high caloric value, and then that just complicates things in p4. I still don't understand how I can gain 5lbs overnight, the only thing I can think is that my body has decided to get inflamed and hoard everything i eat that's over the number of calories that I need for the day, which seems to be somewhere around 1700-1800 since that's my bmr....I'm just hoping that if I keep my calories in check, and don't eat late I will finally be able to stabilize. Because these are things i took seriously after my first round and up till p4, where I did actually stabilize. By my first p4 I was eating pasta and only seeing a *normal* half pound gain, but I planned my calories, I didn't eat after 8, and eventually things settled down, even though I had a rocky p3 things got better, not worse.

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