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My weight this morning is exactly my ldw from last round. Today I think I did well, but I'll find out tomorrow. I introduced eggs, and butter. I say I introduced butter because I've tested for a milk allergy at the doc, so I tried lasering it this time around. I never did before and wonder if it has tripped me up in the past because I never equate milk allergy=no milk, milk=butter, thus i have an allergy to butter....I tested strong on it today, and so I'm hoping it's fine. Also, I didn't realize that Kale has 9 grams of carbs per serving...which is very interesting...so I also hope that that is ok.

Breakfast: 2 eggs + 4 strips of bacon
Snack: pork rinds
Dinner: Drumsticks + Broccoli (in butter)
Snack: Kale chips

Adds up to probably just over 1000 calories.

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