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Update: Now in P4

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Last week was quite a shocker for me. I ate normal p3 on Sunday, when i weighed 119.2, my ldw was 118.8. The next morning I was 119.4...so I ate p3 again, the next day I was 119.8...So I ate normally again, unfortunately that night I had trouble sleeping, and didn't actually get to sleep so when I weighed before I left for the day I was up 1.6 lbs, which is less than gains that I had eating only a rotisserie chicken. I have never not gained weight, which is why this was so shocking for me. Each day I ate at least 1900 calories, including a minute muffin every night. I'm not sure if it was the coconut oil that helped me maintain, but it was great not to have to correct every other day. After my 1.6 lb gain I was 121.2 and I corrected with a fff day, and the next morning I dropped down to 117.6, which is amazing because that's the lowest weight I had been in 5 months. Perfect timing because Sunday is my birthday and I have spent the weekend with my family, and it was nice to have a 4 lb buffer to celebrate with.

The fact that my weight stayed stable for a few days, just as I am entering into p4 makes me hopeful that I will finally be able to stabilize this time around, and not have to battle with the back and forth, correcting every other day. Also, I just feel really great where I am at around 119, and so I'm really glad that i did that short round to get me back down to a weight that I'm comfortable with.

Today I'm correcting, because I pigged out on Thursday and Friday. I don't have my scale, but I know I gained at least 4 lbs from weighing on the scale here which roughly has me weighing in 1 lb higher than my own scale. This will hopefully get me back down so I can pig out again on my actual birthday!! And then I will get things back into control next week.

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