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Yerba Mate?

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So yesterday I had 2 cups or Yerba Mate tea, today, for the first time in 2 weeks, I was down 1.2 lb's....could It be that the yerba mate actually helped? Or is it a coincidence? The good thing is that I am 1.2 below my ldw!

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  1. klamber's Avatar
    Most people don't know this but Yerba Mate isn't actually tea, though it's from a similar plant and has nearly all the same benefits. It's linked to lowering cholesterol and reducing cancer risk just like tea. The big differences are that is has lower caffiene levels; however, it also supposedly contains a heart stimulant and a muscle relaxor.

    I say if you're drinking either one, that's great! I'm a huge tea drinker, black or green. I only have about 20lbs to lose, and on day 16 I'm halfway to my goal. Is this because of tea? Who knows. But any calorie free liquid is beneficial.
  2. captncrunch's Avatar
    I actually didn't know that, even in p3 i'm going to keep drinking it and give a box to my parents as well. Cancer runs in my family and lowering cholesterol is a great plus as well.